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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goodbye World... Hello Edward!

I purchased my copy of "Breaking Dawn" this morning. No, I didn't RUSH out to get it. I happened to be strolling through Walmart, and just happened to pass the book section, and just happened to noticed, "Oh, that new book is out by what's-her-name", and thought maybe I should pick it up. Perhaps I might read it one day.

Ok, so it wasn't exactly that nonchalant. But my child wasn't exactly running behind me yelling "Wait up, moooooooooom" as I streaked through the store looking madly for the books- surely they had to be there! No, I was quite calm and collected, until I couldn't find the display anywhere... then my heart started to race!

So, after I do my housework and feed my family, I will hole up and read this book. Yes, I will be reading the end first!