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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Needing therapy and getting my roots done...

Ya... so, the "girlie" day didn't happen yesterday. I ended up cleaning up the mess I had created while getting ready for the activity on Saturday.

Oh, and cooking a big lunch for my hubby and a friend at the last minute...(because I just can't feel good about putting a plate of PB&J sandwiches in front of hard working men, you know...)

Oh, and making cupcakes.... because a woman on the edge needs chocolate, and frosting!

The girlie time isn't happening today either because I get to go to the dentist! (You know how much I adore the dentist!)

Still, it is a beautiful morning. (despite the fact that my dog was having "difficulty" last night and needed to be let out 3 times!) I am going to pray, put my faith in Heavenly Father, and plow through. I have a lot to be thankful for! There are always going to be down times like this, and there are always going to be ups afterword. I can look forward to the "up" moments to come soon, right?

For now, getting my roots done will help significantly, I think!