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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The conundrum

They say exercise makes you happy.

They say depression makes you spend more money.

Well, what happens when you are depressed, so you start exercising a lot more, and you spend more money on exercise stuff which doesn't seem to be helping as much as you'd hoped, which makes you depressed, so you spend money on non-exercise related stuff which makes you more depressed because you spent money you shouldn't have, which makes you not want to exercise because you're so depressed?


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Narrow squeak!

Well, we've been anticipating a lay-off at my husband's work for a while now.
Today they layed of 30+ people.
He survived.

We are heartbroken for those that were laid-off, and I sincerely hope they will be able to find good jobs in a short time. I know how difficult it can be. My husband went through 9 months with no employment a few years ago and it was awful.

But we were reminded today of how very blessed we are.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Being active, or actively being?

I am trying to turn over some new leaves. Or some old leaves that have been turned but turned back again.

1) I am trying to be more physically active. I've always been a "doer"- you know, I'm always puttering around doing something, but I am trying to be more aggressive in the somethings that I do.  So, I've gotten out and gone on lots of bike rides with my family, or even by myself after the kid goes to bed. I love the feel of the breeze on my face as I ride my pink cruiser around the neighborhood and through the park. I just need a basket on front to make it complete. I want to feel I am out there in the world enjoying it as much as possible, without it feeling like work.

I am exercising every day, either jogging or "Insanity". And I've been the gardening queen this spring. Yay, me! I have sore muscles and back to prove it, too.

2) I am trying to get my son involved in projects and activities that make him work and stick to something that might be a little hard, but is rewarding. The other day we built a bamboo pole teepee on our lawn and planted green beans along the base of it so he will have a beautiful and lush green covered teepee to play in. Well, we HOPE the green grows up around it. I've never been very successful at growing things from seeds, but we are hopeful. If it doesn't work, then we will just put a cover over it and have a real teepee. My son did most of the work and I "supervised" most of it. I wanted him to have the satisfaction of doing something on his own, but I did help here and there. He was very proud of his work. (I'm to lazy to post a picture. Sorry.)

The last few days we have also been making a garden fountain. I've always wanted a fountain or pond with the sound of trickeling water that I can listen to as I sit and read a book or enjoy a bbq on our patio. It took a few days, and sever re-tries, but I finally got it to look good and work well. (Well, "well" is a loose term. It still has a leak I can't seem to fix, but I will conquer, dang it!) I did more of the work on this one, though, because there was lots of moving of very heavy rocks and it was too much for the kid. (Too much for me, too. I dropped a huge boulder on my foot. Not such a good idea.) But he got to see what hard work can get you.  Now to find only 61 more weekday projects to do! (Yikes!)

Here's to a great summer, and a productive and active summer! And a sane mommy.