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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gotta love the holidays!

My sweet, dear, lovable (person I won't mention by name).

EVERY Christmas he says he would like to get something. Not as a gift, he's just thinking of something he would really like.
I try to hint to him that maybe he shouldn't get it until AFTER Christmas... (because, of course, like a good wife, I listen to him when he says he wants something, and I get it for him for a Christmas gift!).
But he insists that he needs it right now, and starts shopping for it, or talking about buying it. He won't let up, and obviously doesn't get my hints to wait, until I usually end up blurting out in frustration:

"FINE! Here's your stupid gift!" and throw it at him.

(Did I mention this happens EVERY year????)

Well, it's happening again.

"Don't do it..." I say.
"Wait until after Christmas... when it's on sale!" I say....

Nope. This year, he can get the dang thing himself, and I won't say a word. I won't lose my cool and throw it at him in frustration.

This year I'm going to sit back and let him get it, and on Christmas morning when he opens his gift he's going to feel sooooooo bad!

Yep, that's the Christmas spirit, right there!