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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gotta love the holidays!

My sweet, dear, lovable (person I won't mention by name).

EVERY Christmas he says he would like to get something. Not as a gift, he's just thinking of something he would really like.
I try to hint to him that maybe he shouldn't get it until AFTER Christmas... (because, of course, like a good wife, I listen to him when he says he wants something, and I get it for him for a Christmas gift!).
But he insists that he needs it right now, and starts shopping for it, or talking about buying it. He won't let up, and obviously doesn't get my hints to wait, until I usually end up blurting out in frustration:

"FINE! Here's your stupid gift!" and throw it at him.

(Did I mention this happens EVERY year????)

Well, it's happening again.

"Don't do it..." I say.
"Wait until after Christmas... when it's on sale!" I say....

Nope. This year, he can get the dang thing himself, and I won't say a word. I won't lose my cool and throw it at him in frustration.

This year I'm going to sit back and let him get it, and on Christmas morning when he opens his gift he's going to feel sooooooo bad!

Yep, that's the Christmas spirit, right there!

Friday, October 18, 2013

If I was the last woman on earth....

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Zion National Park.
That was the week the government SHUT IT DOWN.
Yes, bad timing.

So, my husband decided this is the year he is going to take our son to the top of Angels Landing, and when he found out it was being re-opened, he made a point to schedule a "guys" trip back down to Zion.

Well, I LOVE Zion as well, but don't so much love hiking Angel's know.... because of the huge drop-offs. But I thought I'd go anyway and kick around the trails myself, and explore the museums and shops..... all the things the guys roll their eyes at when I make them do it with me.

However, one grandpa was invited and decided to tag along... and then another grandpa was invited and decided he'd come as well. I soon realized this "guys" weekend really was going to be a "guys" weekend, and maybe I should consider backing out.

Then my loving, sweet, adorable son said the other night: "Oh, you're coming too, mom? Well, I guess that would be....fine....if you really want to..... or you could stay home, and that would be fine too."

There was my answer. "Guys" weekend it is.

So I will do all things girly by myself these next few days. I guess I just wish I was having girl time... in Zion!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where is everyone????

Wow. What happened to the blogging world?
Have you ever seen the movie "The Last Man on Earth"?
Blogdom seems to me to be very much a land of desolation these days.
I'm not blameless. I just think it's funny that a few years ago I had more time to blog than I do now, and my son was younger and more dependent on me.
I guess it's about priorities, and Facebook is a more immediate gratification.

Life sure does change, and mine is no exception.
I am typing tonight on my new laptop.
Funny, I had to get a new laptop for my new job, which I need to be able to pay for my new laptop.

So, yes, I got a new job. And a new calling in church. Young Women president.
Yes, I saw you just raise your eyebrows. I hear what you're thinking. Erin... president? Well, no one is more shocked than I, believe me.

We'll see how many gray hairs I accumulate this year. Oh wait, we won't because I'll make sure to dye my roots long before that happens.

One thing I do need to get better at, though, is buying pre-packaged meals, and quick-fix meals. See, I can either be a good wife and mother, or a good employee and young women president. I can't do it all, and I've eaten out more in the last few weeks then in the last year! I am definitely feeling the guilt over that.

Well, maybe this is why I don't blog anymore. I'm too boring for my own blog.
You can all go back to hiding your heads under rocks. Until next time...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's bad when they catch on....

Today I was laying on the bed.
Yes, it's that time of the month.
You know.....
I'm not going to spell it out for you.

My son came in.
"Ohhh..... you're on your period, huh." (You know... rolling eyes and all.)
"Yes. It started yesterday. Can you heat up my heating pad for me?"
"Yes. But, Mom...."
"Your period started last Friday."
"No it didn't. It started yesterday. I should know!"

"Well... it may have 'started- started' yesterday, but it really started last Friday. That's when you got really cranky and moody."

(Gotta love that kid.... after I strangle him and his sass-mouthing! )

Thursday, July 25, 2013

To an early grave....early.....

Hah! Finally! I've been trying to post to this blog for a few months now.... from my Kindle... and it hasn't been letting me! I've groaned and thrown my hands up in frustration, but it still wasn't letting me post. Ohhhh... I had oh so many great things to say when I thought of them. However, my mind is a sieve and I can't remember a one of them now. Now that I actually have access to my blog to write about it! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Anyway, hello! It's been a while. My son got out of school for the summer and we hit the ground running. Which was NOT my intention this summer. I thought "Oh, this summer we will soak in every day together and just BE in the moment. Do what our hearts want." Ya.... not so much! And I only have ONE child!!!! I can't imagine the frenzy that is summer for those of you with multiple minions of destruction and torment... I mean, children.

In June, my kid went on his first week-long scout camp to Bear Lake Aquatics Camp, and I was a wreck! His FIRST WHOLE WEEK AWAY FROM HOME, PEOPLE!!!!!  My husband did go up for a day and night, which put my mind at ease. He was also able to call me one night from camp to tell me he was sending me a picture of himself dangling 50 feet in the air from a rope. But the fact that he was calling me AFTER it had happened meant that he survived the ordeal, and I had no need to worry.

Last Saturday we were informed that he had another oportunity to go to ANOTHER weeklong scout camp. Imagine my joy. (gulp) This one is in the high Unitas at Camp Steiner. This one has NO cell phone service. This one gets VERY cold in the nights. THIS one they don't sleep in tents, they sleep in 3 walled structures. (Hello? Anyone else concerned about bears???) And this one has also made me a nervous wreck.

How will I manage when my son leaves on a 2 year mission? Don't know. How will I manage when he gets married and moves away? Don't know. But THIS mom is not handling a one week scout camp very well. So THIS mom is going to hunker down with a good book (Dan Brown's INFERNO, to be exact) and try to last the next day and a half before I see him again.

Incidentally, summer has only 5 weeks left before school starts. I hope to spend some of that time taking it easy and doing what my heart wants. WITH my favorite son, of course!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sixth Grade Rocks!

This is my handsome little devil! (Last one on the right)  
This is his soooo cute school class this year.

Yesterday his school had their yearly program where they honor the 8th grade graduating students, and hand out awards for the year.

These aren't just "made up" awards given to make every student feel "special'. They are well-earned, hard-worked-for awards. I had NO idea my son would be getting and award. He got two!

He got a certificate for 5th place in the BYU bride crushing competition. This was his first year doing it, and he pretty much assembled the whole thing by himself. (His partner was a little...uninvolved for most of it.) It stressed him out a lot and I kept telling him that it didn't matter how it turned out because these first few years are just to learn about how to do it, not be perfect. But he is so particular. He didn't want any dripping glue showing. He didn't want any beams off-center, or crooked. No. He does NOT get this perfectionism from me!

When we went for the bride crushing a few months ago, I told him just to enjoy it, no matter how much weight it can take, and that it is going to break regardless! He was prepared to just enjoy it and have fun. He knew the top 5 would get an award at the end of the year. We couldn't believe it when his came in the top 5! It was a really fun day and he is looking forward to it again in the future.

He was also awarded a bronze medal yesterday for his performance on the National Mythology Exam. This was a complete surprise to all of us! How neat to see him go up on stage and get his medal! He was so proud, and I'm sure his daddy and I were just beaming! And, of course, I didn't bring my camera. (I am NOT one of those picture-taking camera moms. Sorry. Can't be perfect!)
Luckily, one of his former teachers was there to snap this priceless picture of the whole class together!

I loved the program yesterday. It made me cry. It gave me chills to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, to hear a student give a heart-felt prayer; to hear the 8th grade students give such touching speaches; to see the true and caring involvement of each of the teachers there; to see the principal give each student a hug. I knew, once again, that I am doing the right thing sending my son to that very special school!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lesson from a fledgling bird...

I gave a lesson on Sunday in Relief Society about facing trials with faith, and turning our lives over to God.

And, since I practically live my life finding analogies in every little thing, I thought I'd share the latest. (With whomever might be even still reading blogs, let alone MY pathetic little blog. Hello? Anyone? Beuhler?)

We have a family of blue scrub jays living next to our back patio in a large evergreen. They have become our friends. They let us know when they want us to give them a treat by tapping on the brick wall by their bush. We put the food out, they eat, everyone is happy.

They recently had a young one hatch and it has been really neat to hear him chirping and crying out for food, then hear the mamma and daddy talk to him. He chirps back and they feed him. Sooo cute!

Yesterday, as I was doing yard work very near the tree, the baby decided he was ready to leave the nest. Except, he wasn't really ready because he can't fly yet. But, he was determined NOT to be stuck in that nest anymore. I kept a close eye on him all day long, making sure he didn't fall from the tree, or find himself on the ground where the neighbor cat would be all too happy to have him for a snack.

Last evening he eventually made it down to the ground and his parents were VERY worried about him. We wanted to avoid handeling him, but it became very apparent he was headed straight for danger if we didn't do something. My husband caught him and tried to put him back in his nest, but he wasnt' having any of that. HE jumped right out and fell back down to the bottom of the tree. We tried again to put him back where he'd be safe for a few more days until his wings were ready to fly, but he simply would not stay put. We finally turned in for the night, leaving him near the middle of the tree, and fairly certain he'd be safe there for the night.

This morning we went out to check on him. We could hear his squaking and the parents talking to him, but he was climbing up the vines on our giant pine tree across the yard! We thought, well, that is where they ultimately always end up with their young, so this could be good! But it wasn't good, because the little thing still couldn't climb up the tree, and still can't fly!

He finally ended up back down on the ground and headed toward the house with the very hungry cat! The parents were NOT happy with this, but the little bird wanted to go his own way. Somehow the little guy managed to change directions, though, and ended up in our other neighbor's yard near a lower tree. HE is in some thick underbrush, and I think he's safe for now.

But it made me think about my own life. I have often wanted to go my "own" way, instead of the way I know the Lord had planned for me. I would fight and struggle, and walk my own path. Usually my path was easier, more ideal than the one the Lord had planned for me. So I would stubbornly go my own way, and find myself unhappy, making mistakes, and end up miserable. That is when I would have to finally change course and listen to the Spirit guide me back to where I needed to be. If I had only done that in the first place- listened to the Spirit. It will never take me down a path I should not go!

That little birdie should have listened to his parents who know what the big, scary world is like. They know that his wings needed to grow a bit more before he was to leave the nest. Now they have to put themselves in danger as they try to care for their little one who is far, far from the path.

I hope he will make it back up into the tree again. I hope the Jays know we were only trying to help, and not be mad at us. I hope that I can learn from this and remember that the Lord's path, however difficult it may be, or undesirable at first, is ALWAYS the better way. ALWAYS!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Still the same dumb blonde....

It's funny how you change as you get older, but somehow some things never change.

Last night I was talking with my hubby before we fell asleep.

He said to me, "You know... when you first meet people, you act completely different to them than you do when people get to know you better."

me: "Oh yeah? Like how?"  (I'm thinking, I seem more professional, or maybe more formal. In high school I definitely came across as very ditzy and even shallow, which I wasn't!  I've definitely tried harder to come across more cool, calm and collected- more formal over the years. Ya, more formal, with a touch of classy educated socialite mixed in. I'm sure that's it.)

him: "Well... now don't take this the wrong way...." (which of course means, take this the wrong way!) "But... well, you kind of come across as.... ditzy."

me: "What?! No I don't! I try very hard not to be ditzy!" (even though, I must admit, I am a bit ditzy, but not dumb ditzy, SMART ditzy.)

him: "Well... maybe ditzy isn't the right word. More like.... shallow."

me: "What?!"

him: "Well... once they get to know you better people know you aren't shallow. It's just... your first impression... that's all."

me: "Mmmmm Hmmm.... so.... shallow.... huh? And ditzy."

Well... so much for working to change for 20 years!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's a rainy day...

It is raining and raining and raining outside today. Rain on a Saturday is kind of bitter-sweet. I love being able to go outside on Saturdays and get a lot of yard work done this time of year, but with the rain I am forced to be inside. However, I've turned on some Nat King Cole and various similar singers, I've got dinner cooking in the crock pot, I worked out hard on the treadmill, and I am now going to finish preparing my relief society lesson.

The lesson is about bettering ourselves day by day. It really rings with me right now as I am trying to better myself physically. I made a goal a month ago (yes, you read that right. An actual goal! I know- miracles do happen!) to get myself into better shape physically. I wanted to have more control over what goes into my body, and what I do with my body-  namely exercise and strength conditioning.

It is definitely a daily journey! Some days I feel invigorated and ready to work out hard. I have the emotional strength to say- it doesn't matter how much you can't do right now, what matters is what you CAN do. Other days I put it off and put it off and put it off until I say, If I dont' go work out before my head hits the pillow I am going to feel so much worse about myself and it's going to be that much harder tomorrow. So I force myself to exercise. And most days I feel so much better and it gets easier and then I'm doing that hard workout I didn't think I could do.

I guess it's that way with life in general. Some things are easy. For me not drinking alcohol or smoking is easy. Not killing people is generally not hard for me. (Spouse and kid excluded, of course!) I don't struggle with some of the difficult things others struggle with. But, the things I do struggle with are definitely hard for ME. I guess that's why we're not supposed to judge others; their struggles are their own; mine are my own. Hmmm.... I think I get it now!

Some days it is easy to work on bettering myself. I work on not gossiping, or not yelling at my kid, or keeping my house clean and organized. But there are those days when I mess up. I talk negatively about someone I don't truly know or understand (because their struggles are their own... I got it.). Or I lose my patience with my son. Then I feel horrible about myself and feel like I'll never "get it".

But there is always a next day where I get to try all over again. It's a clean slate. If I skipped my workout one day, there's always the next day to pick it up again. If I mess up with something one day, I can always try again the next. I love repentance!

So, on this rainy Saturday as I put off finishing my relief society lesson even longer by typing this blog post, I am reminded that I can try harder. And once you've done a good job one day, it betters you. You get stronger. I can run further today than I could a month ago because I keep trying every day. I get better. And that's what the whole point is, right?

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a deadly job, but someone's gotta do it...

Stay At Home Mom: (Noun, Action Verb) A women who puts herself in harm's way on a daily basis to provide for her family and take care of her home.

Today's mishaps:

*Dropped heavy mixing blade on my foot. It hurt!

*Spilled hot melted wax all over myself and the living room floor and book case, and video camera.

*Burned thumb on cookie sheet while taking it out of the oven.

*Stabbed myself in the eye with my toothbrush while brushing my teeth.

*Sucked up the lace of my shoe while vacuuming.

*Fell over while trying to free my lace from the vacuum.

*Vacuum fell onto me after I fell over trying to free my lace from the vacuum.

*Fell over while reaching for something behind me in my sewing room.

*Smashed finger under sewing machine foot. Ouch!

*Car door slammed closed on my ankle. &%$@/!

All of this in just ONE day.... I think I'd better wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay in bed!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

With one leg in the air...

Years ago, several months after my husband gave me my little Bichon Frise puppy, Nappy, we took him with us to visit my husband's parents. They, too, owned a dog. A much older dog named Oceeto.  Oceeto was used to other animals being around him so we weren't worried about Nappy getting into fights with Oceeto, or Oceeto being mean to Nappy. We were right. Oceeto pretty much tolerated Nappy, and was very patient with Nappy's attempts to play with the much older and less energetic Oceeto. Nappy loved every minute of it. He was so excited to be around another dog! Little did I know, however, that this one visit would change my Nappy forever.

Up to that point in his little life, Nappy was...well...a little different, and that was fine. Specifically, Nappy pee'd different than other male dogs. While other dogs would lift their leg at anything that came in their path and "mark" their territory, Nappy would just crouch down a bit on the grass and pee- like a girl dog. It was dainty, not the " in all glory for all the world to see" type of thing that boy dogs do. I liked it this way.

When we brought Nappy home from his weekend visit to his "Uncle" Oceeto, I discovered to my horror that Nappy had been schooled in the correct way for boy dogs to pee. It was as though Oceeto had seen Nappy, laughed and said "Now Son, that will never do. Let me show you how the big boys do it."  Forever after that weekend, Nappy would proudly lift his leg as high as he could get it, balance on his other paw, and let out a stream as far as he could shoot it. And he DID shoot it- everywhere he could mark his territory, he would!  Oceeto took the innocence away from my little puppy that I could never hope to get back.

Why tell this story? Because tonight I am sending my son to Young Men's for the first time. Pit in my stomach? Check. I feel like I am sending him to Oceeto to be schooled in how men really do things. He spent an hour in his new older Sunday School class on Sunday and came back more sassy and sarcastic than ever. One hour, people! Imagine what 2 hours of that- every week-  is going to do!

I'm trying to think positive thoughts. "I've taught him well. He'll be fine." And "Young Men's is not the den of iniquity I am imagining it to be."  But all I can see is Nappy peeing with his leg up for all the world to see, forever more.

I think I'd just better buckle my seatbelt and hold on for the ride that is called "Teenager Hell", and hope that no one falls out along the way. And I guess just be glad that human boys don't pee with their leg in the air... at least that I know of!


Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Student Has Become The Master....

In some recent discussions with my son, he has imparted his wisdom about the fairer sex that astounds me for someone of only 12 years. The following are thoughts he told me about his views on women and how we think:

1) You should NEVER mention a woman's age or weight, there are too many ways it can go wrong.
           When I mentioned to him that it would be ok if you told a woman she looked young, or thin, he said, "No mom, what if she doesn't want to look thin, or has been trying to put on weight because she's too thin. Or what if you tell her she looks young and she is sick and tired of people thinking she is younger than she is? No, you should just avoid these topics."  He's got me there!

2)  When a girl is crying and you ask her what's wrong and she tells you "nothing", you should assume something is wrong but that she just wants someone to listen to her, not give her advice. Even if you think what she is crying about is really stupid, she obviously thinks it's a big deal and you should just say "I understand" and give her a hug.  (He probably gets this from dealing with me... about once a month.)

3) If a girl is angry, she doesn't WANT you to make her happy.Just give her some time to cool off, and then tell her you're sorry- even if you're not. (This will get him FAR with the ladies.)

4) Women like to be right. You should just let them be right. It's not worth trying to prove them wrong.

5) Girls expect you to just "know" what they want from you. You have to really pay attention so you don't have to guess. You may need to take notes.

6) If a girl is upset, and maybe yelling at you, if you lower your voice and speak calmly, they usually calm down too. Unless they're angry, then you need to go away.

7) Women like getting flowers. You should get them flowers whenever you have enough money. Even if it isn't Valentine's Day or their birthday. (He told me when he starts earning money regularly he is going to buy me flowers. Now who can resist that?!)

Well, I'm sure there will be many more discussions about girls in the future. (gulp!) And I am certain he will glean even more wisdom through his experiences with women and girls. The kid could write a book right now, as far as I'm concerned! He really seems to have us figured out!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the Oscar Goes To....

I am soooo glad I'm not a movie star! Really. When I watch the Oscars, I am reminded of why I am so glad I'm not a movie star. When I see the tabloids in the grocery store (which I NEVER pick up and read curiously, by the way. Really. I don't!) I am reminded why I am glad I'm not a movie star. But I have to say the Oscars seal the deal for me, and here is why:

 The red carpet walk is so pathetic! Women have to dress just perfectly and walk just perfectly with perfect hair and makeup and- oh, you'd better make sure your necklace isn't too big, or too understated for that matter- and you'd better have a backless dress that plunges down to your butt crack. And Oh! You'd better show at least 3/4ths of your breasts. Is that waist larger than a 9 year old girl's? Honey, you haven't been on your vegan, carb-free, colon cleansing, all liquid diet for the past month, have you?

I'm sorry, but most of those women look so stiff and uncomfortable posing for the cameras. And most look emaciated- like they had to literally starve themselves to fit into that dress. And "Oh, who are you wearing tonight, girl?" Please! If I was on the red carpet I'd be saying "Oh, this is Sam's Club, I believe. Don't you just love Sam?" Ha! I wonder what people would say to that?!

 But seriously, I ache for some of those women who CLEARLY posed in front of the mirror practicing their "camera face" for hours. Jennifer Hudson? HELLO! Clearly a practiced poser! She gets this blank stare in her eyes like "I am a pretty, pretty princess and I am really really happy. Remember, I am really, REALLY happy!" Like she's trying to convince herself. She's not the only one, though. Catherine Zeta Jones. Ok, yes she's beautiful, but she's also aging and she knows it. But she's not ready to accept it yet. She stood there in that gold dress like a statue with her cheeks sucked in and her lips pouting out a bit so she'd look absolutely perfect. Sorry, Catherine. I'd rather see you relaxed and loving your beautiful self for who you are, not who you want the world to think you are. Same goes for you, Nichole Kidman. Stop injecting your face with things that make you look like a plastic freak! You were pretty once- now you're just all wrong! Stop it!

However, there are some stars I like. The ones that seem really down to earth, like Jennifer Lawrence. She's pretty, but not perfectly pretty. And she lets her nervousness show. And she tripped on her dress on the stairs and it wasn't the end of the world. (I would totally do that, by the way!)

I guess the whole point to this completely shallow and immature post is to remind myself that NOBODY is perfect, even though they may appear to be on the red carpet at the Oscars. Every one of those women has flaws, and insecurities. They also just happen to have stylists and high-end fashion designers clammoring to dress them. Hey, who needs it, right? I can dress myself! AND, I get to eat donuts once in a while, so HA!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The crazy cat lady...

Ok. I saw that the garbage cans at the neighbor's house were full to overflowing. They just moved in, so like a good neighbor I offered for them to put their garbage into our cans until garbage day.

Today was garbage day.

Their cans did not get taken out to the curb.

People were home.

I should have stated that this was a limited time offer.

And now I am turning into "that" lady- you know, the one with 10 cats who sits at her living room window with binoculars and a notepad charting the comings and goings of the neighbors and when they don't coil up their garden hose or bring back their garbage cans from the curb.

Ok, so, I'm not there yet, but here I am blogging about the neighbor's garbage.

I think I need to get out more. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Out of space and time...

I read an article today about why the 1950's housewife had it right. It was meant to show how the modern woman would be a total alien to the women from the 50's, and how we maybe need to get back to some of that old-fashioned  mentality the women back then had.

I compared myself to the writer's idea of who the 50's housewife was, and was surprised (or maybe not so much) at the lack of differences between myself and the 50's housewife. Does that mean I'm old fashioned? Well, I don't make sure my hair is perfectly done every day, and I don't wear a dress to do housework, and I don't hurry and put on my red lipstick before my husband gets home from work so he'll have a beautifully done-up wife to come home to, but I do have some similarities. Here are just a few of the points I gathered from what I read, and my own take on them:

#1- Nutrition: Women in the 1950's cooked every meal at home, and didn't worry about fat content or how many carbs or how much gluten was in each ingredient. If the meal was hot and homemade it was healthy.

Now, while I do believe we have gained more knowledge since the 50's regarding health and nutrition, and I try to make healthier-by-today's-standards meals, I think they had something there. On average, a hot homemade meal is going to have less fat, more vegetables, and fewer processed ingredients than you will find in any happymeal.  And you can't tell me that a piping hot pan of bubbling homemade macaroni and cheese isn't better than a box of yellow death (AKA- Kraft Mac n' cheese) no matter it's fat content! (We just don't make it every other night!)

#2- Discipline: Women in the 1950's didn't "cater" to their children's every whim. If the kid didn't eat what was served at dinner, they went to bed hungry. If they wanted the latest toy, they did chores and mowed lawns to earn the money.

I believe 1000% in this concept. I have done this in my own home. I'm no short-order cook. I make dinner and everyone eats it, or they don't eat. Period. It's worked for this long, and it works whenever I tend my nieces and nephews, even the pickiest ones. It makes life easier! Don't worry, your kid is NOT going to starve to death. They will eventually learn to eat what they like from what is served.

As for toys, I try to get my son what he wants at Christmas and Birthdays, but not every single little thing he wants. Leave your kids knowing they don't get everything they want when they want it. Don't rush out and buy the latest funny movie on DVD. Don't rush out and get the very latest video game, the coolest electronic gadget. Let them wait, and work for it. My son did yard work for people all last summer to earn $200 to buy himself an ipod touch. I didn't think he'd do it in one summer, but he did! You will be amazed at what your kids can accomplish if you give them the oportunity to do it. Give them chores- without pay. Give them responsibilities- hard ones, like weeding all the gardens in one afternoon. Like mowing the way overgrown spring lawn- in one day. It builds character, and teaches them hard work makes you feel good about yourself, and that's enough reward!

#3- Body image:  The 1950's woman had a very different idea of how a women's body should look than we do today. They still valued being "fit" and "trim", but those words took on very different meanings.

The 1950's woman didn't spend hours at the gym. She didn't worship Jillian Michaels and make herself cry doing hundreds of butt-lifting lunges and ab-killing planks. Women's bodies were softer, curvier. The average pin-up girl would be a plus-size model by today's standards.

Now, this goes back to the nutrition idea, and how we have evolved and learned more about the body's needs nutritionally and physically, but I believe we have also become way too distorted about what "beautiful" means for today's woman. I, personally, do not think women with ripped abs and chizzled arms; a butt you could hurt yourself on- I do not find that beautiful. Or attractive. Or desirable. What are these women doing with their children to get a body like that? They must not be doing much with them!

I think physical exercise is important. You Zumba-moving women, you go with your rockin' self! An hour out of your day to take care of yourself physically is absolutely necessary, I think. (Do I work out for an hour? Uh..... not up to this point in my life. I'll let you know when I do. Don't hold your breath, though!) But I believe in moderation in all things. Women's bodies should be softer then men's. They are the cuddlers, the nurturers, the holders of children with scraped knees and broken hearts. We are the "soft" places to land on a rough day. If we are so consumed with how our own bodies look, what are we telling our little girls, and boys for that matter? What message are we giving out to the world? If you don't spend 2+ hours a day on your body, if you have more than 1% body fat, you are not worth anything? I'm sorry to say there are many, many people who really do feel that way. It's a very sad thing.

While I could go into many more comparisons about neighborliness, religiousness, etc, these were just a few of the more important things I noticed. I think there is a lot we could learn from the 1950's housewife. Just ask your grandmothers!  Well, mine are no longer living, but I did learn a lot from them when I was young. Things such as, don't waste your time blogging when you could be doing something productive. (Ok, they didn't say "blogging", but something to that effect.) So I am going to log off and go bake some cookies. Really! I really am! Tomorrow is Valentine's day, and I'm going to do the old fashioned thing and take my neighbors some cookies. And wear red lipstick.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Sometimes you've just gotta keep your eyes pointed up and keep digging until you see daylight.

I'm still digging.

This is actually a lot how I feel right now! Eerily similar....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wow! Two posts in two days? What's going on?!

I figured it was time for my annual "I hate making new year's resolutions" post since it is 3 weeks into the new year.

So, have I mentioned I don't believe in making new year's resolutions?

Ya. I hate it.

So I don't do it.

But in my head I have ideas of things I may like to change at some point in the coming year. Some sooner than others.

One is getting on a regular exercise routine. (Wow, really? I know... an exercise resolution. So... predictable.) I improved my exercising quite a bit last year. I went from practically nothing to an average of about 2 to 3 days a week. (Ok, maybe closer to 2 than three. Don't judge me.)  And I was very physically active during the summer and fall. We went on lots of hikes and bike rides and walks. But I really want to get to where my body is craving sweating and heart-pounding activity. Right now... not so much. It doesn't help that I break out into horrible itching every time I run. Like, crawl-out-of-my-skin kind of itching. I read somewhere that this could be an allergy to adrenaline. Ya, see... I always knew I was allergic to exercise! However, it seems to go away about 20 minutes into the workout, so I just grin and bear it.

Another is to eat a LOT healthier meals. I'm not talking super low-fat, no sugar, tree-bark and berries washed- in- mountain -streams- on- the- first- night- of- the- new- moon type of healthy. I'm talking lots of vegetables, lean meats, more fish, and healthy snacks like apples and peanut butter, carrotts and cheese sticks, raw almonds, low fat cottage cheese, orange slices, etc. I've been keeping fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge and it really helps to have healthier things on hand and grab those first.  I don't want to say it's a "diet", but more just "cranking the healthy" up a notch. We ate fairly healthy meals before, and now they are even healthier.

And the other is to be much more consistant with our family scripture reading. We did pretty well last year, actually. This is more of a "keep it up" type of goal. And maybe adding a little "we can still do better" in there as well. I accept that no family is perfect, and we don't want to be the only perfect ones out there, though there really is no danger of that at this point! (You catch the sarcasm in there? I certainly hope so... we are sooooo far from perfect it isn't even funny.... and then it is!)

Soooo... that's it for my "put down in black and white" goals. Everything else I will let rattle in my head and see what sticks. It's like the lottery! I never know what is going to come out and make itself known. "Hey! I'm that goal you thought about making! Remember me? Well, I'm here to do something! Wanna give it a shot?" It makes every day just that much more exciting!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This in no way should reflect my spirituality or what I learned at Stake Conference this weekend....

Some observations from  Stake Conference this weekend:

1) "Adult" session in no way infers that all who attend are, in fact, adults. My husband's and my attendance at said meeting proves this fact.

2) We are a very long way off from having the "Heavenly Home" the speaker referred to. (A home where there is no arguing? Is there such a place? I have a very hard time believing there are any normal marriages on the earth today where there isn't SOME arguing, whether voices are raised or not.)

3) I have about a 38 minute attention span when sitting on a hard, cold, metal folding chair.

4) Stake Conference begins at 10AM twice a year for as long as I can remember, and we arrive at about 10:18 twice a year for as long as I can remember. Apparently time gets sucked into some otherworldly vortex on Stake Conference Sunday at our house and we absolutely cannot make it any earlier than 10:18.

5) Old people don't just cough, they hack up a lung and part of their upper digestive tract. Please, oh please don't let me get old!

6) Old people are physically unable to whisper.

7) If the hymn is taken too slow, my  husband will sing it at his own tempo and finish about 2 minutes earlier than the rest of the congregation, causing me to laugh, rendering me unable to complete the song at all, and making me have to use the bathroom. And he says I'm irreverent when I sing "Come, Come ye saints.... no toilet paper here..."

8) I am very sure now that there is no possible way on earth I could have been a sane mother of 5 or more children. Or 4 or more.... or maybe 3....

9) I wish I could still pack a church bag with fruit loops and crayons and cars and fruit snacks and books....

10)  I have about a 38 minute attention span.... (oh, did I mention that already? Well, it's true.)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stuck in my head....

Holy Loads of Snow, Batman!

I got up at 7:00 AM this morning to shovel snow so my son could get out to his ride and so my husband could drive his car. (He's been sick so I didn't want him shoveling anything today. Wow. What a great wife I am. Too bad he never reads this blog!)

When I saw how much snow there was- over a foot where we live- and how much sidewalk I had yet to shovel- we live on a corner- and how little snow I could get with each shovelfull, I thought I'd better think of a song to sing to make the work go faster. (After all, I'm always telling my son to sing a happy song while he does his chores. "It makes it so much more fun!" Ya, I know- one of those made-up-parent kind of sayings. I figured I'd better practice what I preach lest I be labled a hypocrite.)

A hymn popped into my head. I don't usually think of hymns, but today I did, and it was a beauty:

Does the journey seem long-
The path rugged and steep-
(And here's where I got very creative in my song-thinking-capabilities... hold on to your seats...)
Are there piles of snow in your way?

Does the load heavy seem-
You are called now to (something....)
Is there no one your burden to share?

Just then, my son popped his head out of the front door, and with his red boots on, he came out to help me shovel! He even let me have the good shovel!

2 hours of shoveling later, I am sitting here in my warm house with a heating pad on my back because the very last shovel full I bent down to scrape up some ice and twinged my back a bit.

But, school was cancelled for my son, the walks are all clear... for a few hours anyway... and I have hot chocolate in my tummy. And a hymn stuck in my head for the next several hours. Yay!