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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pot calling the kettle.... and A Very Mayan Christmas.

This morning as I was perusing blogs I was getting frustrated because my blogging buddies don't blog anymore.

"Come On!" I thought., "You gotta give me something to read here, people!"  I'm sick in bed with some stomachy thing today. I need entertainment.

Then I realized it's been a while since I last posted. I am guilty.

So, here is today's post.

A Very Mayan Christmas

It seems many people I've talked to this year are going the direction of "Less is More" in their Christmas preparations.

My sister is using the cute idea of :
Something you want,
something you need,
something to wear,
and something to read.

I, myself, am simplifying things around here as well. I only put up one tree this year. The "Family" tree with all the old ornaments and cute homemade ones didn't get put up this year. I just didn't feel like the hassel. I also didn't put up all the knick-knacks and do-dads. Just one tree, and 3 wooden Santas my brother made. I felt guilty at first, but the thought of how quickly everything will get put away eases my mind considerably. 

It got me thinking: Did the Mayans cut back on Christmas before their civilization was wiped out? Hmmm...  Anyway, back to the post.

Then there's the whole Santa thing. Since it's not really an issue in our house anymore, *sniff sniff*,  I haven't done as much in that department. I promised my son, however, that we would never forget Santa comes and he will always get something from him on Christmas.

I've been in a good Christmas spirit, though. I've just been incredibly laid back this year. It remains to be seen if this is a good or bad thing at this point. Will neighbor gifts be made and delivered? Will shopping be finished? My sewing machine has been out of commission, so I haven't spent hours and hours in the sewing room. What is happening this year??? Your guess is as good as mine at this point!

One thing has changed dramatically, however. My husband.... now, hold on to your seats here.... ACTUALLY went shopping last Saturday for my Christmas present. He has NEVER gone before 5pm on Christmas ever... like, EVER!!!

Maybe the Mayan calendar is true! Maybe the world really is coming to an end! I didn't go crazy for Christmas, and the hubby planned something in advance!

What will happen next? The toilet seat will be left down??? Who knows???!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

And the "BEST Mom of the Day" award goes to....

This morning I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I felt incredibly rested. What a miracle, I must have slept so soundly I woke up before the alarm clock and I feel great! 

Wait a minute....  the sun is shining and I feel rested.... and it's not a Saturday????

Ya. I forgot to set my alarm and we all slept in until 8:30!!!!

Oh, that's not the best part. I run in to wake the kid up and see he is already almost dressed, realizing himself that I had forgotten to wake up. (Yes, he's a golden child.)

I run into my room to get dressed and realize... he's going to be almost an hour late to school, and what would be the point of taking him for just a few hours. So, I though-I'll be "Awesome Mom" and ran in to tell him "Hey, you get to take the day off!"

But, then I realized he missed Wednesday for being sick and he has tests today and... well, not the best day to miss. So I ran back in and told him "Never mind! You get to go to school today!"

Well, he didn't freak out, but he wasn't happy with me. I threw my arms up and said "Hey, I dont' know what the heck I'm doing, ok? Just roll with it."

So, ya, all my mom-credibility is blown.

I love being a parent sometimes.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Family time

I had a fantastic oportunity on Saturday to wake up at 5AM and drive with my dad and my brother and sister to Rexburg, Idaho for my cousin's wedding. (Ok, the waking up part wasn't fantastic. In fact, I only got about an hour of sleep that night. Fun!)

The coolest part was that we haven't been together like that for years and years... like, before any of us kids were married! It reminded me of what a wonderful family I have, and how we're all weird, and nothing every really changes! Well, my brother doesn't tease me as much, and my little sister now knows she really IS a girl, and not a boy like I always tried to convince her she was. (She's proven it by having 4 kids. I think she may be more of a girl than I am, actually.)

Thanks, guys. I love you!!!