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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Because I can...

It's been a few months since I last blogged. Not that anyone noticed. I think the blogosphere has become the episode of "The Twilight Zone" where there's only one guy left on the planet, and he is so excited he finally has all the time in the world to read, which is his passion. (Of course, the twist is that he breaks his glasses and can't read a thing!) But I feel like when I DO have time to read blogs, there are no blogs to read. Ya. "Is anybody out there???"

Well, for the 3 of you who are still clinging to the bars at the back of the Titanic as it sinks into the boiling icy waters of oblivion, here's one more tidbit to read.

Aaaaannnnd  now I have put too much pressure on myself and can't think of anything witty or relevant to write.

(crickets chirping....)

So, I guess I'll post what's been going on around her, huh?

One Saturday several weeks ago I was working in my office downstairs and thought, let's go to St. George! It was Stake Conference that weekend, so bishopric hubby had no pressing matters to attend to, Young Women president me had no responsibilities on Sunday, Deacon kid had no sacrament to pass, so it was the perfect weekend to get-away. And Get-Away we did! I quickly booked us a room in our favorite hotel and we left an hour later. My son was a little confused as to why we were suddenly just leaving for a vacation. He didn't quite understand the coolness of the spontaneous vacation.

The weather was a warmer-than-Salt-Lake 62 degrees and sunny. We hiked a little in Zion National Park. We lay in the sunshine on the lawn by the Zion lodge. We walked barefoot in the sand near the Virgin River's edge.

It was the perfect little escape to re-charge our depleated batteries.

Last week was  a little crazy. Lots of things going on, one of them being feeding the missionaries on Thursday. They had special dietary needs, so the dinner took a little more prep than I wanted. But it was nice. Friday was Valentines day and hubby had the day off work. We dropped the kid off at school, booked it to the Bountiful Temple, got dressed in record time, and enjoyed time together in the temple we were married in. We even sat on the same exact couch we sat on as we waited to go in to be sealed for eternity! Then we went to our favorite place for breakfast, picked the kid up from school, went shopping, and then to dinner and a movie all together. I was flanked on either side by two handsome dates for Valentine's Day, and it was perfect!

Saturday, we woke up and said, Hey! We have  a long weekend again, let's escape...again! So, I booked a hotel in Capital Reef and we drove 4 hours. (This hotel, Days Inn, is a cheap hotel, with hard beds, terrible breakfast, and no water in the pool, but it was super cheap, and the only one available for that weekend.)  We had a lovely drive, the day was absolutely gorgeous, and we hiked to a really cool natural bridge. It was Sunday, and we weren't able to go to church services, so we had a little devotional under the natural bridge. It was so nice to hear the testimonies of my family, and share such a beautiful experience with them!

So, now that my batteries are re-re-charged, it's back to life again. Oh, we discovered right before we left that our car needs some work, and we decided it's probably time to upgrade. So, car shopping it is! (That's not a happy "!" just so you know. Car shopping is NOT fun!) We test drove one on Monday. I liked it. Hubby was so-so about it. I want new, he wants used. I want full warranty, he isn't so sure. This is going to be soooo fun!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Gotta love the holidays!

My sweet, dear, lovable (person I won't mention by name).

EVERY Christmas he says he would like to get something. Not as a gift, he's just thinking of something he would really like.
I try to hint to him that maybe he shouldn't get it until AFTER Christmas... (because, of course, like a good wife, I listen to him when he says he wants something, and I get it for him for a Christmas gift!).
But he insists that he needs it right now, and starts shopping for it, or talking about buying it. He won't let up, and obviously doesn't get my hints to wait, until I usually end up blurting out in frustration:

"FINE! Here's your stupid gift!" and throw it at him.

(Did I mention this happens EVERY year????)

Well, it's happening again.

"Don't do it..." I say.
"Wait until after Christmas... when it's on sale!" I say....

Nope. This year, he can get the dang thing himself, and I won't say a word. I won't lose my cool and throw it at him in frustration.

This year I'm going to sit back and let him get it, and on Christmas morning when he opens his gift he's going to feel sooooooo bad!

Yep, that's the Christmas spirit, right there!

Friday, October 18, 2013

If I was the last woman on earth....

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Zion National Park.
That was the week the government SHUT IT DOWN.
Yes, bad timing.

So, my husband decided this is the year he is going to take our son to the top of Angels Landing, and when he found out it was being re-opened, he made a point to schedule a "guys" trip back down to Zion.

Well, I LOVE Zion as well, but don't so much love hiking Angel's know.... because of the huge drop-offs. But I thought I'd go anyway and kick around the trails myself, and explore the museums and shops..... all the things the guys roll their eyes at when I make them do it with me.

However, one grandpa was invited and decided to tag along... and then another grandpa was invited and decided he'd come as well. I soon realized this "guys" weekend really was going to be a "guys" weekend, and maybe I should consider backing out.

Then my loving, sweet, adorable son said the other night: "Oh, you're coming too, mom? Well, I guess that would be....fine....if you really want to..... or you could stay home, and that would be fine too."

There was my answer. "Guys" weekend it is.

So I will do all things girly by myself these next few days. I guess I just wish I was having girl time... in Zion!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where is everyone????

Wow. What happened to the blogging world?
Have you ever seen the movie "The Last Man on Earth"?
Blogdom seems to me to be very much a land of desolation these days.
I'm not blameless. I just think it's funny that a few years ago I had more time to blog than I do now, and my son was younger and more dependent on me.
I guess it's about priorities, and Facebook is a more immediate gratification.

Life sure does change, and mine is no exception.
I am typing tonight on my new laptop.
Funny, I had to get a new laptop for my new job, which I need to be able to pay for my new laptop.

So, yes, I got a new job. And a new calling in church. Young Women president.
Yes, I saw you just raise your eyebrows. I hear what you're thinking. Erin... president? Well, no one is more shocked than I, believe me.

We'll see how many gray hairs I accumulate this year. Oh wait, we won't because I'll make sure to dye my roots long before that happens.

One thing I do need to get better at, though, is buying pre-packaged meals, and quick-fix meals. See, I can either be a good wife and mother, or a good employee and young women president. I can't do it all, and I've eaten out more in the last few weeks then in the last year! I am definitely feeling the guilt over that.

Well, maybe this is why I don't blog anymore. I'm too boring for my own blog.
You can all go back to hiding your heads under rocks. Until next time...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's bad when they catch on....

Today I was laying on the bed.
Yes, it's that time of the month.
You know.....
I'm not going to spell it out for you.

My son came in.
"Ohhh..... you're on your period, huh." (You know... rolling eyes and all.)
"Yes. It started yesterday. Can you heat up my heating pad for me?"
"Yes. But, Mom...."
"Your period started last Friday."
"No it didn't. It started yesterday. I should know!"

"Well... it may have 'started- started' yesterday, but it really started last Friday. That's when you got really cranky and moody."

(Gotta love that kid.... after I strangle him and his sass-mouthing! )

Thursday, July 25, 2013

To an early grave....early.....

Hah! Finally! I've been trying to post to this blog for a few months now.... from my Kindle... and it hasn't been letting me! I've groaned and thrown my hands up in frustration, but it still wasn't letting me post. Ohhhh... I had oh so many great things to say when I thought of them. However, my mind is a sieve and I can't remember a one of them now. Now that I actually have access to my blog to write about it! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Anyway, hello! It's been a while. My son got out of school for the summer and we hit the ground running. Which was NOT my intention this summer. I thought "Oh, this summer we will soak in every day together and just BE in the moment. Do what our hearts want." Ya.... not so much! And I only have ONE child!!!! I can't imagine the frenzy that is summer for those of you with multiple minions of destruction and torment... I mean, children.

In June, my kid went on his first week-long scout camp to Bear Lake Aquatics Camp, and I was a wreck! His FIRST WHOLE WEEK AWAY FROM HOME, PEOPLE!!!!!  My husband did go up for a day and night, which put my mind at ease. He was also able to call me one night from camp to tell me he was sending me a picture of himself dangling 50 feet in the air from a rope. But the fact that he was calling me AFTER it had happened meant that he survived the ordeal, and I had no need to worry.

Last Saturday we were informed that he had another oportunity to go to ANOTHER weeklong scout camp. Imagine my joy. (gulp) This one is in the high Unitas at Camp Steiner. This one has NO cell phone service. This one gets VERY cold in the nights. THIS one they don't sleep in tents, they sleep in 3 walled structures. (Hello? Anyone else concerned about bears???) And this one has also made me a nervous wreck.

How will I manage when my son leaves on a 2 year mission? Don't know. How will I manage when he gets married and moves away? Don't know. But THIS mom is not handling a one week scout camp very well. So THIS mom is going to hunker down with a good book (Dan Brown's INFERNO, to be exact) and try to last the next day and a half before I see him again.

Incidentally, summer has only 5 weeks left before school starts. I hope to spend some of that time taking it easy and doing what my heart wants. WITH my favorite son, of course!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sixth Grade Rocks!

This is my handsome little devil! (Last one on the right)  
This is his soooo cute school class this year.

Yesterday his school had their yearly program where they honor the 8th grade graduating students, and hand out awards for the year.

These aren't just "made up" awards given to make every student feel "special'. They are well-earned, hard-worked-for awards. I had NO idea my son would be getting and award. He got two!

He got a certificate for 5th place in the BYU bride crushing competition. This was his first year doing it, and he pretty much assembled the whole thing by himself. (His partner was a little...uninvolved for most of it.) It stressed him out a lot and I kept telling him that it didn't matter how it turned out because these first few years are just to learn about how to do it, not be perfect. But he is so particular. He didn't want any dripping glue showing. He didn't want any beams off-center, or crooked. No. He does NOT get this perfectionism from me!

When we went for the bride crushing a few months ago, I told him just to enjoy it, no matter how much weight it can take, and that it is going to break regardless! He was prepared to just enjoy it and have fun. He knew the top 5 would get an award at the end of the year. We couldn't believe it when his came in the top 5! It was a really fun day and he is looking forward to it again in the future.

He was also awarded a bronze medal yesterday for his performance on the National Mythology Exam. This was a complete surprise to all of us! How neat to see him go up on stage and get his medal! He was so proud, and I'm sure his daddy and I were just beaming! And, of course, I didn't bring my camera. (I am NOT one of those picture-taking camera moms. Sorry. Can't be perfect!)
Luckily, one of his former teachers was there to snap this priceless picture of the whole class together!

I loved the program yesterday. It made me cry. It gave me chills to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, to hear a student give a heart-felt prayer; to hear the 8th grade students give such touching speaches; to see the true and caring involvement of each of the teachers there; to see the principal give each student a hug. I knew, once again, that I am doing the right thing sending my son to that very special school!