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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Because I can...

It's been a few months since I last blogged. Not that anyone noticed. I think the blogosphere has become the episode of "The Twilight Zone" where there's only one guy left on the planet, and he is so excited he finally has all the time in the world to read, which is his passion. (Of course, the twist is that he breaks his glasses and can't read a thing!) But I feel like when I DO have time to read blogs, there are no blogs to read. Ya. "Is anybody out there???"

Well, for the 3 of you who are still clinging to the bars at the back of the Titanic as it sinks into the boiling icy waters of oblivion, here's one more tidbit to read.

Aaaaannnnd  now I have put too much pressure on myself and can't think of anything witty or relevant to write.

(crickets chirping....)

So, I guess I'll post what's been going on around her, huh?

One Saturday several weeks ago I was working in my office downstairs and thought, let's go to St. George! It was Stake Conference that weekend, so bishopric hubby had no pressing matters to attend to, Young Women president me had no responsibilities on Sunday, Deacon kid had no sacrament to pass, so it was the perfect weekend to get-away. And Get-Away we did! I quickly booked us a room in our favorite hotel and we left an hour later. My son was a little confused as to why we were suddenly just leaving for a vacation. He didn't quite understand the coolness of the spontaneous vacation.

The weather was a warmer-than-Salt-Lake 62 degrees and sunny. We hiked a little in Zion National Park. We lay in the sunshine on the lawn by the Zion lodge. We walked barefoot in the sand near the Virgin River's edge.

It was the perfect little escape to re-charge our depleated batteries.

Last week was  a little crazy. Lots of things going on, one of them being feeding the missionaries on Thursday. They had special dietary needs, so the dinner took a little more prep than I wanted. But it was nice. Friday was Valentines day and hubby had the day off work. We dropped the kid off at school, booked it to the Bountiful Temple, got dressed in record time, and enjoyed time together in the temple we were married in. We even sat on the same exact couch we sat on as we waited to go in to be sealed for eternity! Then we went to our favorite place for breakfast, picked the kid up from school, went shopping, and then to dinner and a movie all together. I was flanked on either side by two handsome dates for Valentine's Day, and it was perfect!

Saturday, we woke up and said, Hey! We have  a long weekend again, let's escape...again! So, I booked a hotel in Capital Reef and we drove 4 hours. (This hotel, Days Inn, is a cheap hotel, with hard beds, terrible breakfast, and no water in the pool, but it was super cheap, and the only one available for that weekend.)  We had a lovely drive, the day was absolutely gorgeous, and we hiked to a really cool natural bridge. It was Sunday, and we weren't able to go to church services, so we had a little devotional under the natural bridge. It was so nice to hear the testimonies of my family, and share such a beautiful experience with them!

So, now that my batteries are re-re-charged, it's back to life again. Oh, we discovered right before we left that our car needs some work, and we decided it's probably time to upgrade. So, car shopping it is! (That's not a happy "!" just so you know. Car shopping is NOT fun!) We test drove one on Monday. I liked it. Hubby was so-so about it. I want new, he wants used. I want full warranty, he isn't so sure. This is going to be soooo fun!