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Friday, May 29, 2009

7 more days of school until summer!!!!!

School is almost out! I don't know why I get excited about it, I'm not the one in school... but, I am totally excited about it!

Maybe it's because I get to spend a little more time with my little buddy.

Maybe it's because I don't have to get up so early in the mornings and constantly prompt, urge, prod... do whatever I have to do to get said buddy out the door on time.

Maybe it's because I'll have another little helper around the house who will be doing chores in the mornings, no matter how much whining he does.

I am already thinking about where I should get passes for, like the swimming pool, the zoo, the aviary, Discovery Gateway, and maybe even the aquarium.

I am going to Costco today to get the big summer work book I always get my son. He has to do an hour of school work a day in the summer- to keep up his skills. I know, I sound like a mean mom, but it's really good for him to have a routine like that, then he doesn't get lazy.

Only 7 days of school left!!!! Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Note to self... Horror movie

This is a note to myself.

Self? If you are ever tempted to go see a horror movie by yourself again when your husband and son are off on a hike, please feel free to flat out say NO!

Remember how you thought it would be fun to see a movie your husband would probably never see with you in a million years, and since you were alone and tired from shopping you decided to take off and just go?

Remember how you had bad dreams all night long about zombies and people without eyelids, and how you rolled over in your sleep and your husband was breathing weird because he has a cold, and how you thought for a moment that he was a zombie? Remember how you have always been afraid of the green hand under the bed, but how you love to hang your feet off the end of the bed and take your chances, and how last night you felt something grabbing your foot from under the bed and how you were paralized for a few minutes in complete horror until you realized your foot was just twisted up in the comforter???

Now, remember what a horrible night's sleep you had and say to yourself, "I will NEVER go see another horror movie by myself EVER AGAIN!!!!!"

That said- "The Haunting in Conneticut" really wasn't that bad. It was actually entertaining- if you're not a completely irrational and impressionable sucker like me with a runaway imagination and the good sense of a 2 year old!

Shopping ramblings


I love shopping.... for other people.

I spent 5 hours at the outlet stores in Park City yesterday. By myself. I prefer it this way.No whining husband. No whining son. We are all happier people.

I got my husband 7 shirts and 2 new pairs of pants, my son got 3 new pairs of shorts, a shirt, some lounge pants, and new Sunday shoes. Me? I got a t-shirt.

In all actuality, I did pick up another shirt for myself, and actually purchased it. It was really cute, and not a t-shirt. However, when I looked at the receipt I noticed I had been charged full price for the thing, so I went back and dickered with the sales girl. (she hardly spoke any English, by the way- and NO, I don't speak Spanish. I live in America where I thought we spoke English. Guess I was wrong.) Anyway- after some translation and lots of gesticulating (on her part, not mine- I had NO idea what she was gesturing about.)I finally realized she was telling me the shirt isn't on sale. Well, why the heck am I shopping on this crazy-busy holiday, standing in line for 20 minutes to purchase a shirt that isn't on sale????
I returned it. Thus, the 1 t-shirt.

The thing about shopping for my husband, though, is that I more often than not end up having to exchange the stuff for a different size, or he didn't like the color, or whatever. This time he loved everything I got him- and why wouldn't he? I have great taste! However, none of it fit. For some reason he has either shrunk, or the sizes have changed. Anyway, I am going back up to Park City today to exchange everything and hope they have the right sizes still in stock.

The good thing, though, is that it won't be crowded. Maybe I'll actually be able to browse a little more and get myself something other than a t-shirt!

All in all, it boils down to this being a very boring post. Sorry.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A neighborhood of sleepwalkers

Why??? Tell me why the heck are people out walking around the neighborhood in the middle of the night???? It makes my dog bark. It makes other dogs bark. You should be in bed asleep!!!! What POSSIBLE reason could you have for going for a midnight stroll???? Restless Leg Syndrome???? Sleepwalking????


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another year older...*sigh*

Yes. I am old. I feel old. I looked in the mirror this morning and found about 20 more grey hairs. My forehead is more wrinkled- in the center- like I am scowling all the time or something. My face is sagging, too.

That's not the only thing that's sagging. I went to Walmart to buy a new bra today and it was really depressing. Apparently they don't make drag-along pulley systems for women who have reached my age and need a little more "lift". I think they should. You know, something like a take-along IV pole with hooks and chains attached to hoist you up. No?

My feet even look older. I was going to put fun pink nail polish on my toes today, but I felt like I was painting my grandma's toes, and hot pink is just too.... young... for an old lady.

Maybe we'll go to Sizzler for dinner- isn't that where the senior citizens hang out? I won't forget to take my plastic hair cover because it is windy and may rain later. Oh, and my clip-on sun glasses that go over my regular glasses, and my tin of mints, and my funeral pink lipstic. (funny how old ladies can get away with bright pink lipstick, but not toes.)

Happy birthday to me.... Maybe my husband will give me "Life-a-lert". I do fall alot.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it me, or is this lady really ornery?

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid neighbors!

Why don't they know that when the sun is down, that means it's time to sleep? Oh ya, cause they're drunk!

2 of them are up in a tree right now, and I am really tempted in my sleep-deprived, cold induced manic state to run out there and push them down!

Oh. And this is also an apology to the 6 or so women who were in Relief Society yesterday. I'm sorry I chose a hymn no one knew. I was coming out of a Nyquil coma when church suddenly came and smacked me on the face. I felt so stupid up there waving my arm around, not being able to sing myself, and watching everyone watching me with blank stares- yes, there were a few of you who were at least trying. I thank you for your efforts! However, I just couldn't let it go on any further! I slammed my book shut after the second verse to save us all from further torture.

I realize, in horror, that I am going to probably be one of those ornery old women who are outspoken and bossy. Eeeeeek! "You drunk kids get out of that tree over there, or I'm calling the police!" "You women take this hymn book home and sing this song 50 times until you have it learned, then come back next week and we'll try it again!" "You nasty kids get your elbows off the table!"

See, I'm already there! Oh, did I mention I officially turn OLD tomorrow?????

Friday, May 15, 2009


I've had this stinking cold for a week now! I've managed to do about a day's worth of work this entire week because I've felt so bad- sore throat, coughing, head full of junk...

I'm sick of it all! I can't get any sleep at night, so I don't get any better. This has got to end one way or another! I'm taking Nyquil this morning and I'm going to sleep until my son gets home from school. I don't care if its lazy, or idle.... I need some sleep!!!! Besides, I have to be upbeat and energetic to teach the 9-11 year old girls about planning a nutritious meal this afternoon. Its about the last thing on Earth I want to do today- believe me!

Good night!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

John and Kate.... I'm leaving my options open!

Ok. I admit it. Sometimes, I do watch "Jon and Kate plus 8". It's sort of like a train wreck- I can't believe how anyone could have sextuplets and keep their sanity. It makes me feel better about my own life- at least I don't have 8 kids screaming at me, rather than just my one. (I prefer this show over "Little People, Big World" because the dad in that one just bugs the heck out of me! And they live in this huge house on a gorgeous farm- they don't make me feel better about myself.)

Many people have put their two cents in here and there about how awful they think Kate is to Jon. Personally, I think she's doing rather well considering the fact she has 8 little kids, 6 of which are under 5!!!!!

Lately, there has been a lot in the tabloids about one of them cheating on the other, and vice versa. I don't pay any heed to claims like that, it's really none of my business, you know? (Yet, ironically, here I am writing a post about a show about people's personal lives- like that's any of my business???) But it begs the question: How, with 8 little children, do you EVER find the time to cheat, let alone have sex with your own spouse???? And who the heck would have the energy to do so????

Now I hear that Kate is leaving her options open right now whether they will split up or not. She said she's not saying they will, but she's not closing the door on that option, either.

O.K..... um.......

Has anyone ever heard the phrase often repeated in marriage vows: "... in good times and bad...."? I was just wondering where in the marriage ceremony you agree to leave your options open????

I am sick to death of the world's views on marriage. I am sick to death that people take marriage so casually! A friend of mine was married a few years ago. I was talking to him about it a few weeks before and asked him, "So, she's really the one you want to spend eternity with, huh?" to which he replied, "Well, I guess so. I figure I'll give it a shot, anyway."

Guess what??? They were divorced 2 years after they married. Big shocker!

People, speaking as a child from divorced parents- you are reasonable, (hopefully) thinking, rational human beings. Find a way to work it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I got to say about that. Oh, and that I absolutely REFUSE to watch that stupid show any more! The parents say their number one priority is their children and that's a bunch of crap!!!! They are only thinking about themselves at this point! So, I guess it's back to "Little People, Big World" and I can just yell at the television whenever the husband is talking big and doing nothing... oh, wait, that's every stinking episode! Maybe I'll just read my book, instead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A flabby, gullible patriot- no more!

I hate those stupid advertisements that are usually on the side bar of my email's homepage whenever I open it. There are always ridiculously doctored up pictures of a women who's face is all wrinkled and sagging. The caption below usually says something like: Her face before she used the _______ miracle treatment. Then the picture magically transforms into this youthful woman (i.e. preteen) with gorgeous, flawless skin. "Her face after using ___________ miracle treatment." Like we're actually supposed to believe there is a skin cream out there anywhere on the planet that can transform a 96 year old lady who's smoked her entire life and never spent a day indoors into a somehow skinnier, 80 years younger looking model??? How stupid do they think I am???

Oh... the one that shows the girl with horribly gelatinous cellulotic thighs (cellulotic? I made that up, but it works, doesn't it?) gets me every time. Her legs magically transform into firm, tan, oiled up model's legs. Funny how her tummy and butt in those tight Daisy Dukes look exactly the same in both pictures, though. That poor woman, to have such great abs and horribly disfigured old lady legs! Sure glad she got that miracle cream to make them all smooth and perfect! Where can I get some?

Still, I have to say my absolute favorite ad is the one that has the heading "Obama tells wives to go back to school". The pictures below that heading are ever changing, but always feature a very thin, obviously athletic woman in shorts that are waaaaay to short for a mom to be wearing, a wife-beater shirt (which is really just ridiculous and ironic, isn't it?) and doing some sort of activity like sit-ups, jumping jacks, or pole dancing. I can only conclude that he wants us wives to go back to school to get a degree in something useful, like aerobics instruction, or exotic dancing, perhaps? Maybe the nation's ills would all be fixed if there were more hot moms willing to don wife beaters and pole dance for the country.

So, I guess I'd better get me some of that miracle cream. Several tubs, in fact- for my face, my abs, my rear, my legs- well.... never mind for what. Then, I'm goin back to school to get my pole-dancing diploma so I can do my part to make this a better country!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Prayers are frequent around our home. I grew up praying a lot, and wanted to continue the tradition in my own home. (Personal morning prayer, breakfast prayer, morning family prayer, lunch prayer, dinner prayer, evening family prayer, night time personal prayer.) The only problem is, because there are only 3 of us, the turns for prayer come much more often. My son complains "But Mommmmmmyyyyy, I said the bedtime prayer laaaaassst night!" to which I respond, "Well, you're probably going to say thousands more before you die, so get over it!"

The sweetest thing, though, is that he prays for so many people. I don't remember particularly praying for the prophet or the president of the country when I was young. But my son prays for them every night. It used to be that Pres. Monson AND Pres. Obama would both preach the gospel, but we explained to him the differences between the two and he now prays for one to preach the gospel, and one to protect the country.

He also says "Bless mommy, and daddy, and Nappy, and Grandpa, and Rupert that we'll all have a good night's sleep." (Rupert is the bird, by the way- and Grandpa moved out almost a year ago!) He also prays every night for people we know to have the desire to come to church and to believe in Heavenly Father. It is soooo sweet!

The funniest thing, though, is when he prays for the family to get along and have the Spirit in our home. This usually happens when he's been yelled at that night for dragging his feet while getting ready for bed. He's trying to pull the guilt-trip-via-prayer ploy, a tactic I know very well because I probably invented it!

And finally, I heard him saying his personal prayer the other night. He prayed the he would never be temped to do anything bad, like go see a bad movie. Later I asked him if doing something bad could also include disobeying your mom. He thought about that for a minute then looked at me askance. "Mommmm....... that has nothing to do with it!"

I guess we still have a lot of praying to do~!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day- ahhhhhh.........

I had a pretty fabulous Mother's Day! My husband is finally getting the hang of it! Really! Saturday night I told him he was taking me to dinner, and he didn't bat an eye- he just said, Where do you want to go?

Sunday morning the first thing he said to me was "Happy Mother's Day" and gave me a kiss. He and my son were whispering excitedly in the hallway and I knew they were planning something. My son came in with a card he had made me (that made 3 cards for Mother's Day this week!) and then my husband came in carrying a big box and a china plate with poppyseed cake, and milk in a crystal goblet. My son handed me a new set of red measuring cups with fresh cut lilacs in it. Then, I got to see what was in the box: a brand new deluxe Belgian waffle maker! It rotates and has a stand and everything! I love it!

I got a single stem rose in church, 2 more cards from my son, (5 in all!) and we went to my mother's in Logan for a delicious turkey dinner. We drove back home in time to visit with my in-laws and give my MIL her new apron, which looked adorable on her, I must say. Then, I stayed up waaaaaaaayyyy too late watching The Sound of Music, and dozed off around midnight.

You know what I love about Mother's day???? Well, yes, the fact that I have a fantastically adorable son and loving husband... but also that my BIRTHDAY is in just a week and I get MORE presents!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!!

(do I sound greedy?)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

There's nothing like being a mother!

I love being a mom! I love that my son brings me flowers from the yard ALL THE TIME! I love that he finds little beads everywhere we go and he brings them home to me. He even has a special little place in my desk he keeps all the little beads- thinking that I adore plastic beads, for some reason. I love that he takes after me in that he can't wait to give me a present.

The other day he came home from school, and I hadn't even had a chance to say hello when he blurted out, "Ok! I'm sorry, but I just can't wait until Mother's Day to give this to you!" then he thrust something into my hands. It was the sweetest letter and card.

The card has little flowers you pull out of the pot and they each have a chore written on them. I can choose which chore I want him to do that day! What a great idea!

Then, yesterday I was at Harmon's grocery store at the checkout counter when I looked up. I saw over every checkstand was a large banner from different school classes, and each had messages written by the students to their moms. I looked directly over my head and there was my son's class! I found my son's message to me: "I love my mom because she loves me." Short and sweet- and it utterly melted my heart!

There's nothing like the sweet sentiments from your children! It made my entire week!
I love you, E-Z!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Never go with a hippie to a second location."

-Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Monday, May 4, 2009

These are a few of my least favorite things....(lately)

I have just a few things that have bugged me a bit lately, and what better place to get them off my chest than here?! So, here they are:

1) Why do the movie ratings people allow so much more violence now than they used to? I mean, a PG-13 movie can have a horrific amount of violence in it. I just saw "Wolverine" with my husband, and I had my eyes closed throughout 3/4 of the movie! Ugh!

2) What kind of parents take their 3 year old child to see a violent movie like "Wolverine"??????? First of all, he's running up and down the stairs, and second of all, it's incredibly violent, and his dad is pointing at the screen and telling his poor, innocent little boy to watch! I wanted to report him for child abuse! It made me absolutely sick!!!!

3) I HATE it when people say "Oh, I've got all my family history done back to Adam". Really? Adam who??? It can't possibly be "The" Adam... you know, the first Adam. I mean really, let's just stop to think about this for a minute... Adam? And how do you think Adam and Eve kept records?

4) I hate it when I don't have any chocolate in the house. Grrrrrr.......