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Friday, October 19, 2012

Stuck like glue! Good, name-brand, lasting glue!

Let me just say one thing.

No. Never mind. I can't say just "one" thing.

Let me say two things. Three things.

1) Our Wedding Anniversary is on Monday. Monday's are the worst days to have birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

2) My hubby and I are PATHETIC at planning anything!!!!! (example: "We need to plan our anniversary. What have we done in the past?" "Uh, dinner and a movie. Except that one year we actually went to a bed and breakfast." "Really? In 13 years we've only gone to dinner and a movie every time?" "Yep. Pretty much.")

3) There are always problems when one person loves to get presents and give them, and the other person views gift giving as an example of consumerism gone awry and abhors the very idea of having to spend money on meaningless tokens of material idolatry.

Good thing my marriage is based on much more than a yearly celebration of our love and we've weathered 13 years pretty darn well!!!!

I adore you, sweetie!!!! Thanks for bringing me cold medicine all those years ago as an excuse to get closer to me! And thanks for never leaving my side since then!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Plentiful Bounty of Mountains of Blessings

Have I told you what an abundance of tomatoes my garden produced this year?  Well, to give you an idea, I weighed the tomatoes every time harvested a lot for canning.

Total: 265lbs. (well, more if you count all the green ones.)

Yes, you read that correctly. 265 lbs of red, ripe tomatoes. That I canned.  I even took a bunch up to my moms so she could enjoy in the bounteous harvest.

I made red salsa, more red salsa, even more red salsa, spaghetti sauce, more spaghetti sauce, and delicious garden tomato soup with veggies and pasta spirals.

Then yesterday my hubby helped me pull out the plants and I harvested a bunch of green tomatoes. So, today I've been making the best ever green tomato and chili enchilada sauce!!!! (It really is the best ever. I promise.)

I am sooo grateful for the HUGE amount of tomatoes my garden blessed me with this year. I didn't want to let any of it go to waste, even if it meant canning until I can't stand it any longer.

And I can't stand it any longer.

So after today, I am DONE!!!!! (Until next year, anyway.)