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Friday, September 30, 2011

Must watch!

Yesterday was a struggle.
Then I watched this, and I felt much better.
Love Pres. Uchdorf!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Roller coaster and merry-go-round all at once! Pass the barf bag, please!

Wow. Ever have one of those weeks that turns into two that turns into three horrible, stressful, no time for anything, weeks? Well, we're going on week three here, people. And let me tell you, I've got more gray hairs!

This morning started out with me, bright and cheerful (acting... I was only acting!) trying to wake up the kiddo for school. "Get up, Bud. Gotta get up early today so you can practice piano this morning before school!" Then I went in every 5 minutes for the next 35 minutes to remind him to get up. I finally gave up trying to get him up early enough to practice piano and just let him get up whenever. He dragged himself out of bed 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave, slowly ate his oatmeal and proceeded to fall asleep at the table. I guess he had a bad night or something.

Then, the entire 13 minute drive to school he cried, screamed, yelled, kicked, gritted his teeth, and squeezed the dickens out of my finger- mad that he had to go to school when he was tired and why did I tell him he would get used to this earlier schedule and why was I making him go to school when he was sleepy. Ya.I've been there before. Not going to take you home. Fun times.

I won't even get into the stress at home right now. Work, unfinished remodeling projects, real estate school, month-end overtime, church callings... (and we haven't even gotten to me yet!)

So I guess I just wanted to vent to someone, even if it is cyberspace and everyone else just passes this one over. Maybe it's best you do.

I am just wondering, when does the world slow down a bit so we can take a breath and get to know eachother again? Someone stop this ride so I can get off!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Perspective...

Life has been running at full speed the last few weeks. There has been a lot of good, but at times I've felt overwhelmed, occasionally depressed, frustrated.... well, the list goes on. (Am I not describing every mom out there?) But I watched this video and it put things into perspective.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I knew it was bound to happen...

Ha! Again, Ha! (as my cute grandpa used to say.)  I knew I would do it sooner or later, and I was right!

With my son's new shorter school schedule, I just KNEW I would be out shopping one day and forget to leave to pick him up. I told myself, Erin, you should set the alarm on your cell phone so you don't forget to leave on time, but did I do it? Of course not! I never listen to my nagging. My husband doesn't, why should I?

So I was happily picking out fabric for my new sewing venture (which I'll mention another time) when I suddenly had this voice in my head shout "Erin, go pick your son up from school you bad mother, you!"  (Yes, the voice is a little condescending!)  I looked at my phone for the time and saw I was 5 minutes late in leaving! Yet, here I was with a whole cart full of 6 bolts of fabric, trim, foam, and other sundries. I didn't have time to get it all cut and checked out. What was I to do?

I had to leave the whole cart there and run out. I barely made it in time to pick up my little guy, but I made it! Phew! We quickly dashed back to the fabric store in the hopes that my cart would still be sitting there, derelict in the corner of the cotton calico section. Alas, some dutiful worker had cleaned it all up. I had to do my shopping all over again. And I ended up deciding I didn't need as much fabric as I thought, so that goes to show you Joann's worker: don't be so hasty to put things away. You make less money!

Actually, it goes to show me- I'd better figure out how to set the alarm on my phone so it doesn't happen again, which I just KNOW it will! *Note to my son's future therapist: Just remember all the other really good things I do like make cookies, cook homemade dinners every night, sing to you in bed, and stay up with you when you're sick. I wasn't so bad after all, was I? So forget the times when I forgot to pick you up from school because I was in fabric heaven at the fabric store. Let me have my moments!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun at the Fair...

I have gone to the Utah State Fair every year of my entire life (with the exception of one, I think.)  See, I grew up about 4 blocks from the fairgrounds. Every year, usually on opening day, we'd come home from school, do our homework, and then my dad would pick us up and we'd walk to the fairgrounds.  We'd look at art, and crafts, and giant pumpkins, and I would always be afraid of the huge bulls and pooping cows. We'd squeel at the baby piggies, eat exotic foods, and stuff our faces with way too much carmel apples, cotton candy, and indian fry bread with honey butter.  I loved watching all the freaky people that come out of their dark corners of the universe to do the same thing we were doing.

Well, of course, I have continued that tradition with my son. The earlier years were mostly looking at the animals (and yes, am still afraid of the huge bulls, but not as much so;) and riding the ponies, and maybe a ferris wheel or two.  But this last trip to the fair was the best of them by far!

My son is 10 now. I made him accompany me to the home arts building and the arts and crafts building, and of course, the art building. I was prepared for eye-rolling and a lot of whining. You know what I got? "Mom, look at that! You could make that!" or "Mom, I could totally make that. Do you think we could try one day?" and "Look at that beautiful painting! Look at the use of light and shadow...".  My heart swelled within me!!!! 

We walked with our arms around eachother the whole time, ate delicious food, watched a giant cow being milked, (brought back memories of when I was a new mom...) enjoyed a hypnotist show- which I still think is all a hoax, ate slushie drinks and indian fry bread, saw a giant pumpkin almost 900 pounds, learned how bees make honey, watched two parrots mating, and had the best time ever!!!

I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aaaaaannnnd......we're off!

Couldn't sleep last night. Anxiously awaiting first day of school. Nervous jitters. Fears of not remembering where the class is. Fears of forgetting to bring a sharpened pencil. Fears that traffic will be so bad he doesn't make it to school on time.

And then I told myself to just calm down and chill out!

You got it, the nervous one was me! My son was cool as a cucumber, as always. He marched right into the school like he owned the place. And when I went to give him a gushy goodbye, I'll miss you, be good and listen and don't pick your nose and don't be annoying and remember who you are hug and sloppy mommy kiss I got the quick cheek turn. Yep, he's in 5th grade now. No more mommy smooches I guess. :(

It was strange to drive away from the only school he has ever known, the one he has walked to every day for 6 years since preschool. It was strange to hear the loud speakers of the school from my kitchen window and know that my son was not one of those kids reciting the pledge of allegience.  But it was also nice having that quiet time as we drove to his new school downtown. We listened to classical music and felt the warm sunshine beating down on our face as we got on the freeway. It was nice to have a few extra minutes together to just talk before school. Usually it's rush rush rush hurry brush your teeth eat your breakfast no you don't have time to give the dog a kiss goodbye hurry run to school there's the bell goodbye I love you!  So I think I might like this new arrangement.

So, a new school year begins. I am finally calming my nerves. Part of me will miss the summer, but it is definitely good to have him back in school. Now, when do I get to pick him up again?