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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boring post.... NOT boring life right now...

I am painting my basement bathroom.

We started the remodel last July, and... well, here it is almost April and we're still not done.

I painted the vanity yesterday, and most of the walls as well. (Dark, rusty orange color- not sure I love it, but it's staying regardless!)

Today I have to paint the ceiling and trim, as well as finish the walls. Then, all we have to do is put on the final trim piece over the beadboard and caulk.

Oh ya... and put in the new light and install new towel rods and toilet paper hooks. Brushed nickel to replace the old TACKY wood ones.

I'll post before and after pic's when it's all done. Then, I'm off to start painting the guest bedroom. It HAS to be finished by Saturday because we have some people from Australia coming to stay for a few days and I don't want them sleeping in a half painted bedroom.

Did I mention I also have to make several aprons for a boutique store??? I'm beginning to FREAK OUT!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bring on the chocolate... I need it bad!

This is a totally selfish tantrum. Beware.

Today I found out I am being released from my calling as Young Woman Beehive advisor. (that's teaching the 12-13 year old girls for you that don't know). It came as a total shock to me. It seems in my ward, you are in a calling until you rot and beg to be let go- I've only been in this position a little over a year.

The girls I have been teaching are so great. I taught them when they were just little 5 and 6 year olds in primary, and to watch them grow in to beautiful, good young women was so thrilling. I loved preparing their lessons and tried to really get in touch with what they were thinking and feeling, and going through. I know I didn't always show my love for them- I'm a little reserved that way- but I truly feel love for them. I really felt I was where I should be, doing the right things.

I bawled all through Sacrament Meeting. I feel bad because I know I looked terrible, and sniffled throughout the entire meeting. People would come up to me and ask me if I was ok, and I'd start bawling all over again. I HATE crying in public!!!! I even made my husband go up to say the closing prayer though I had been asked to do it because I knew I'd just get up there and fall to pieces. I finally just gave up and came home.

I know I will get over this. I know there will be other places I will serve, I know. I just wanted to be here right now. I wanted to be with the young women! Thanks, Ruth, for being so great. I understand more now what you are going through. I felt you were in the right place as well--- guess we don't know everything, huh?

Ok, that's it for my whining and ranting. I'm all out of tears and I'm going to find some chocolate.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Word... almost

Where is your cell phone?

Your significant other?

Your hair?

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favorite thing?
updated blogs

Your dream last night?

Your favorite drink?
ice water

Your dream/goal?

What room are you in?

Your hobby?

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren’t?


Wish list item?

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing?

Sherlock Holmes

Your pets?


Your life?

Your mood?

Missing someone?


Your car?

Something you’re not wearing?
shoulder pads

Your favorite store?

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?

Where do you go over and over?

Five people who email me regularly?
hubby- (no one else emails me regularly)

My favorite place to eat?
Training Table

Favorite place I’d like to be at right now?

I Smell Like Teen Spirit

Last night, I had to cook dinner for the Relief Society birthday bash at our church. As I was rushing about, getting ready for it, I realized my hair looked horrible- up in a pony tail, hairs all sticking out. Knowing I would actually have to speak to people- not just hide away in the kitchen, I quickly wet down my hair, blow dried it and threw in a head band. It was about as "au naturale" as it gets, but at least it was a little more presentable.

This morning when I woke up, it looked pretty much the same as it did when I went to bed. My naturally curly hair tends to look a bit messy no matter what. I fixed breakfast for the family and just as my husband was about to leave, he said:

"When did you get your hair done?"

"Oh... do you like it? I didn't do anything special."

"It looks..... really 90's- ish."

"Hmmm..... so you're saying my hair is outdated and grungy?"

"No.... it's 90's- ish."

"Ya.... uh.... we're not in the 90's anymore."

I can't figure out exactly what he was getting at. At least he didn't say 80's-ish. I'd say it's definitely more grunge, for sure. I'll try to find my old plaid shirt and thermal top- put on some Teen Spirit deodorant- make it a complete ensemble. (Actually, I really did wear Teen Spirit in high school. I loved it.)

And, Babe... if that was a compliment, it needs a little work. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of the "big" talks...

(reading "Black Beauty" this morning...)

"...[Lady Harriet]was a perfect horsewoman, and as gay and gentle as she was beautiful."
"Mom... what does gay mean?"


"Well, in the olden days, it meant Happy."

(Doh! Why did I say 'the olden days?' I know what's coming next...)

"What does it mean now?"


"Umm..... well...... (sweat beading on my brow)'s.... hard to explain to an 8 year old."

"Does it mean when boys like other boys?"

(What?!!! How does he know that?!!! deep breath.... calm myself.....)

"Well, yes, actually. Where did you hear that?"

"Some boys at school were being silly and some other boys said they were being gay. I asked what it meant and they said it's when boys like other boys."

"That's right. That's what it means."

We had a little discussion about what is appropriate, and moral, and about how people that make different choices are still Heavenly Father's children and we should still love them, but we don't make those same choices. A hard discussion when he doesn't even know what sex is yet. I have a feeling THAT discussion isn't far off-and I already know my husband won't be the one giving it. (he's made that clear!)

Why wasn't I given the All-Encompassing Parenting Book when I had him?! Oh ya, because we're just supposed to figure it all out on our own!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Germ-a-phobe's night out

It's hard being the only girl in a home filled with all boys: husband, son, boy dog, boy bird.

Last month when I asked my son what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said "Go to Fat Cat's". No, not to bowl.... to play the video games. We spent an hour and a half there.

Last night when I asked my husband what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said "Go to the Nickelcade". So, we drove to Nickel Mania where every pre-teen's, deadbeat jobless wife-beater-wearing man's, and apparently, jr. high lesbians' dreams come true. Oh, and my husband's, as well.

I geared myself up for it. I slathered my whole body in antibacterial lotion before going. I donned my antimicrobial socks (hey... they could help, you never know!), and practiced holding my breath for long periods of time. I felt I was ready. We walked in and there were only two people there, and I saw the front desk guy carrying a bottle of spray cleaner and paper towels, so my fears were somewhat allayed.

Immediately, my son needed to use the potty, so I walked trepidaciously back to the bathroom and found it had just been cleaned.(usually, my husband is the one to take him to the bathroom in a public place, but he was awe-struck by all the blinking lights and pretty clinking noises.) I did feel better that it was a single bathroom, and the door locked, but I camped out by the door with my meanest "don't mess with me or my kid" face on, just to be on the safe side. (I especially kept my eye on a 50-something year old man playing some strange game in the corner. He never even looked up.)

Then, with our bag 'o nickels in hand, we were prepared for hours of video game nirvana. Of course, I became bored about 5 minutes in, so wandered around trying to occupy myself. I saw two Jr. High age girls playing "Dance Revolution" and marveled at their incredible dancing skills when they suddenly hugged and kissed. Ok- enough of that disgusting stuff! Luckily, they didn't keep at it. (ugh!) I played a shooting zombie game and knew I'd have nightmares for weeks after. (No- I did NOT allow my son to even see it!) (The zombie game was right next to that 50 year old man who was still playing the same game. Hmmmm.... no wedding ring.)

There was a giant bottle of antibacterial gel on the front counter, and I frequented it enough times to make the cashier laugh whenever I came up. "Yes, I'm an antibacterial Gel junkie."

2 hours later, we finally left to go get dinner at "Famous Dave's". (That older guy hadn't moved from his stool at his game. I gave him a look of pity as we left.) I was desperate to finally take a deep breath in, though, so I rushed out the door. My husband was happy- my son was happy- I guess that's what matters.

(incidentally, my husband pegged the older guy perfectly: unmarried, lives with his mother, sells stuff on ebay to make a meager living, eats macaroni and cheese every day of his life- plays at nickel mania every day of his life.)

I decided for MY birthday, we are going to all get our nails done, do facials, and watch every version of "Pride and Prejudice" that is out there. Ok, who am I kidding, we'll probably take the nickels we had left from last night and go back to Nickel Mania- the place where all your dreams come true!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my hubby!

In honor of his dislike for all things blog, I will NOT be posting any cute chubby pictures of his naked baby rolls, or the picture of him wearing his mom's prom dress while driving a big wheel, or any of the countless pictures I have of him making ridicoulously hillarious faces at the camera with his huge mouth wide open.

Happy Birthday, my funny sweetheart!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25 not-so-great-things

Ok... so, I have had many friends 'give up' on the blogging world lately because they feel they just can't compete with those "perfect" women who have it all, do it all, make it all or write it all. I am certain that I do NOT fall into that category, so there is no guilt whatsoever coming from my area of the bloggosphere.

So, in honor of blog tags, imperfect blogger moms, and human nature in general, I give you my personal list of:

25 not so great things about me

1- I can't stand it when people (namely my husband) channel surf during commercials! It gives me eye-twitching spasms and makes my blood pressure sky rocket! Mute the dang commercials and leave the channel right were it is!!!!!!
2- I have an obesession with open cupboard drawers, or dresser drawers, or any doors in general- THEY MUST BE CLOSED!!!!! Why can't men seem to get this????
3- I don't care if my kid jumps on the couch- or leaps from couch to couch- most moms frown on this... is there something wrong with me?
4- I eat chocolate when I'm stressed. I also eat it when I'm happy, tired, angry, depressed..... well, you see the problem!
5- I get really irritated when people come over unannounced. Even if they are my favorite person in the world.... it just annoys me!!!! Like... REALLY!
6- I despise cleaning the bathroom!!!
7- I hate doing laundry almost as much as I despise cleaning the bathroom.
8- I don't keep in touch with people I am friends with. I think about them often, but picking up the telephone or writing them a note just never gets done. I do still care, very much.... I just don't show it well.
9- I don't like to make goals. I hate feeling pressured to do something in a certain time period. It makes me want to rebel and do the opposite...even if I am the one who made the goal in the first place.
10- I don't do makeup anymore, except on Sundays. I used to get up, showered, dressed nice, hair done, makeup done- every day..... no more.
11- I forget how movies end, so I can see them over and over again and still be surprised.
12- I am afraid to call people on the phone.
13- I will tell anyone almost anything about me if they want to know. My husband hates this, he is much more private.
14- I expect people to understand me, and am always surprised when they don't.
15- I HATE touching doornobs or public counter tops!!!!!
16- I can't stand the smell of cheap perfume,I absolutely won't wear it- it all smells like old ladies to me.
17- I love to sew, but I CAN'T STAND repairing stuff. It takes me an average of 3 years to hem my husband's pants.
18- I sing wrong words to church hymns on purpose, and make up silly parts and actions- which I do- sitting on the 2nd row in church. My husband thinks I'm a bad influence, but I caught him doing it last week, so HA!
19- I have ZERO patience for people who hold grudges.
20- I have a very difficult time sitting through sunday school.
21- I feel resentment towards people who have a little boy and girl. That was supposed to be me.
22- I am a treat perfectionist: if I make a treat to take to the neighbors, and it doesn't turn out exactly right, I will throw it away (if my husband and son don't get to it first.) I am mortified to send something that isn't perfect.
23- I STILL accidentally wash colored socks with whites, and end up having to bleach everything out, and buy new socks, too. It drives my husband crazy!
24- I've gotten incredibly afraid of heights the older I get. I can't even watch something high up on television without feeling my stomach drop to my feet.
25- I forget to shave my legs all the time before wearing a dress that shows my legs, and I don't really care that much!

So- there it is. Yes, I am human. No, I'm not bashing on myself- I actually have no real desire to change much of the above things. Really.

So, if it helps at all, just know I am one of the imperfect. Isn't it great to know you're among friends?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Sick Day for YOU!

I'm sick.

Sore throat, ear aches in both ears, stuffy head, achy neck....

And I know I've already exceeded my yearly alottment of sick days.

I have come to the realization that my husband and son can only handle one sick day from mom about every 5.5 months. Anything more than that and they just won't tollerate it.

I was super sick yesterday- in bed all day long, sleeping all day long. They were pretty good about pampering me... yesterday. My husband even went and picked up dinner from "Noodles and Co." which is unheard of.

Today.... well, it's the second day, so Mom had better find a way to get up, make everyone breakfast, put in several loads of laundry, and quit belly-aching, because mom's don't get 2 sick days in a row!

You know what I say to that??????

Goodnight! I'm going back to bed. Make you OWN waffles!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dorky post

Yes. I'm a dork.... I've always been.

I think I tried to hide it a bit in High School so I could get dates, but it was always there, lurking in the background- like a big, giant, green- haired monster standing behind me, trying to look inconspicuous. (More like a 'Monster's Inc.' monster, not a slasher film monster.)

It wasn't until I brought this monster out in front and gave him a great big public hug, and put on matching t-shirts that said: I'm with her, and I'm with him- and arrows pointing to eachother, that I was finally able to accept my dorkiness.

Now? Well, I'm thinking of changing my first name to "Dork". It suits me. Everybody knows it, and there is no sense in pretending. I'm 35 years old now, time to accept who I am. As Oprah says, your 20's are for finding out what you want and who you are. Your 30's are for accepting who you are. (at least, I think she said that.... I was doing dishes at the time and only caught bits and snatches of the show.)

I went and saw "Twilight" again last night. It was my second time seeing it, and I had mixed feelings about seeing it again after I was so dissappointed the first time.

I also went alone.

I have NO problem going to movies alone. I know the rest of the world does- they think, I would die if I went to a movie alone! Why? It's not like you're talking to anyone in the movie, anyway.(And if you are, you deserve that popcorn thrown in your direction!) I like not worrying about what the person I came with thinks of the movie. So what?

I don't know what is dorkier, though. Going to the movie alone, or that I actually saw "Twilight" again. Either way, I admit I was glad I went. I got some free time away from wifely chores, and Robert Pattinson isn't hard on the eyes.

I actually liked the movie the second time. Yep. I did. Thanks, J-, for suggesting I see it again. You're my Twilight buddy! (I know you won't even read this, but I thank you in my heart, just the same!)

Thank you to my husband for embracing my dorkiness and suggesting I get out and do something last night. And for doing the dishes so I would have a nice happy surprise waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home!

Thanks to Walgreens for providing the photos I looked at so as not to appear to dorky while eating a Gyro alone at Crown Burger (thanks to C.B.) being all dorky on my date with myself.

Thanks to everyone who still talks to me- being a dork and all- and pretending I'm normal like you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My son's school play

(Wow. 2 posts in one day. You must think I have nothing better to do!)

So, last night was my son's school play. It was his first ever school play. He played the xylophone, and did an excellent job, I might add!

His partner was his girlfriend- (it's an on- again- off- again sort of relationship, depending on who hits who with the ball at recess).

It was an excellent production! I was prepared for... well.... something 8 year olds would put on, but it was soooo well done! It had an orchestra (which was several kids, including my son, playing xylophones to piano accompaniment.) and little songs throughout.

Of course, you already know I made most of the costumes. I even got mentioned in the program! At the end, they called me up and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers! I was totally mortified I hadn't even worn lipstick! (I hate to be recognized like that. Really! I was totally embarassed!)

I was so proud of my little guy, though. He was right in tune and played mostly all the right notes. He had so much fun, too. It made me proud to be his mommy!

Why bother???

Monday was supposed to be a nice, fun day. My son had off school and we were going to drive up to my mom's in Cache Valley to spend the day.

After working out, doing dishes, putting in a load of laundry, showering and checking the oil in my car we were finally off by 11:00 AM (2 hours later than I wanted to leave!)

It began snowing.

And snowing....

And snowing. Until we finally hit Ogden and the roads started to get slick.

And by Willard, my driver's side windshield wiper decided it didn't need to remove the snow that was piling up on the windshield.

I inched along slowly, my son said a prayer that we'd make it safely, and we were able to pull into the Walmart parkinglot in Brigham City without incident.

I ran into the store and picked up some new wiper blades, but when I looked outside, you could hardly see the cars- it was snowing soooo bad!

I didn't want to go out there and struggle with putting new blades on in THAT, and I hadn't brought a coat either! Sheesh!

(yes, I know... why didn't I wear a coat when I insisted that my son bring his, much to his protestations? Well... I'm a hypocrite. What can I say?! But this isn't about my bad mothering, it's about pittying me for having a bad day, so can we get back to it?)

I stood there for a moment wondering what I should do when I glanced over and saw a sign: New Wiper Blades Installed for Only $9! Check at the automotive department desk.

What??? They have an automotive department??????

I hurried and put the blades back, put my kid into the car and raced over to the automotive garage doors, jumped out of the car in the sleeting snow, raced into the side door, and fell flat on my rear end as I slid down the painted concrete hallway- in FULL VIEW of all the mechanics, and right in front of the big glass windown to the waiting room where about 8 people were watching me! Yes- it was a fine moment in my life.

However, I was able to get them installed, out of the snow and cold, and I didn't have to do them myself- AND it only cost $9!!!!

WE never made it up to Cache Valley, though. The canyon was so bad it was suicide to try, so we turned around and went back home. All that way just for new wiper blades.

AS a consolation, I took my son to the dollar movies and saw "Bedtime Stories" which was a VERY STUPID MOVIE- after which my son asked "So, are we going to get that on DVD? I said no. He said, "Why?" I said, because it wasn't funny. He said, "So, a movie has to be funny to get it on DVD? and I said yes. He said, "Well, Pride and Prejudice isn't funny. Why do you have it on DVD?" I told him to be quiet and get in the car.

When my husband got home that night after a long day at work, he asked in that sarcastic way of his, "So, did you have a nice FREE DAY OFF????" I whirled around and the look on my face hushed him up right away.

Yes, what a great FREE DAY OFF, honey. I'll try to do double the laundry and spit shine your shoes tomorrow so maybe I can earn another FREE day in a year or so.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pandora's Box

I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I was trying to be an involved parent- trying to help the school out, knowing I am a stay at home mom who has a little extra time to help out when needed.

I didn't realize what I had gotten myself into!

I am sewing the costumes for my son's school play.


I'm drowning in fur!

It's everywhere! All over my clothes, my sewing room, my sewing machine, my nose... it makes me sneeze and cough.

And last night I was given the opportunity to sew feather boas onto the costumes. Now I have feathers all over my clothes, my sewing room, my sewing machine, my nose... even my poor dog!

Luckily, today I'm just working with glitter and fur. I don't do so well with glitter, though. It never leaves! It turns up months later on your face and you can't get it off. People keep coming up and saying "You have glitter on your face" and you know it, and can't get it off!!!!!

At least when you see me covered in glitter and fur, you'll know I'm haven't suddenly taken up a bizzare form of exotic dancing... it's just my son's school play!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baptism day!

Saturday, my little boy was baptized! I couldn't believe he is old enough, it came so fast!

He was so excited. His daddy took him over to the church a few hours earlier and showed him the font. He said he didn't want to wait, and just wanted to do it now!

He looked so handsome in his new church clothes, (which he ruined afterword crawling all over the gym floor! grrrrrr...)

He and his daddy looked so cute in their white. I felt a little left out- I wanted to wear a cute white outfit, too!

His cute little cousins Ellie and Jessie sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" with their dad, my brother. He broke down during the last verse so the girls had to finish it all, but it was a tender moment! Thanks Cory and Jennie!

The birthday cake was the bane of my existence for about 4 days as I baked the layers, filled them, rolled out the fondant- RE-ROLLED the fondant, cut out the circles, made the marzipan sea shells..... ugh! All in all, I was very pleased with it. I just wanted it to be extra special for his big day. He watches "Ace of Cakes{" with me all the time and was expecting something spectacular. I hope this fit the bill ok. It was a white and blue swirled cake with white chocolate mousse filling and an almond frosting. It tasted really good, too!

Yesterday, (Sunday) I wasn't sure we had the right kid with us at church. He insisted on going up and baring his testimony, which he has NEVER done in his entire life! (I said, are you sure you want to? What are you even going to say? to which he replied, "I don't know. I'll think of something.") I offered to go up with him, but he didn't want me to, and just walked right up on his own and bore his testimony!

Then, he sat through sacrament meeting and read a whole chapter of the Book of Mormon- all by himself! After church he told me he was just like Parley P. Pratt (from the early days of the church) because he couldn't stop reading the scriptures. Then, last night he sat up in bed for 45 minutes reading more scriptures! Whoever this kid is, I'll keep him for sure!

I'm so proud of my little guy! It was a great day!