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Friday, October 18, 2013

If I was the last woman on earth....

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Zion National Park.
That was the week the government SHUT IT DOWN.
Yes, bad timing.

So, my husband decided this is the year he is going to take our son to the top of Angels Landing, and when he found out it was being re-opened, he made a point to schedule a "guys" trip back down to Zion.

Well, I LOVE Zion as well, but don't so much love hiking Angel's know.... because of the huge drop-offs. But I thought I'd go anyway and kick around the trails myself, and explore the museums and shops..... all the things the guys roll their eyes at when I make them do it with me.

However, one grandpa was invited and decided to tag along... and then another grandpa was invited and decided he'd come as well. I soon realized this "guys" weekend really was going to be a "guys" weekend, and maybe I should consider backing out.

Then my loving, sweet, adorable son said the other night: "Oh, you're coming too, mom? Well, I guess that would be....fine....if you really want to..... or you could stay home, and that would be fine too."

There was my answer. "Guys" weekend it is.

So I will do all things girly by myself these next few days. I guess I just wish I was having girl time... in Zion!