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Monday, May 24, 2010

When 9 year olds plan the parties...

As I'm pulling into the parking lot of the swimming pool for a birthday party my son was invited to:

"So, I'll just pick you up here after the party, then?"

"No, the party isn't going to be here the whole time."

"Uh... it was MY understanding that the whole party was here. I asked your friend and she said it was."

"Well I talked to her too, and she said we are going to her house after we swim and you can pick me up there."

"Well, is the party starting here or at her house?"

"I think it's starting at her house be we can just wait here until they get here."

me... getting very exasperated... "But she told ME to bring you to the pool! Is the party here or not???"

"I don't know, mom. You should have talked to a grown-up about all this. We're just kids, you know."

Ya... thanks for pointing out the OBVIOUS!!!!

(luckily, the party WAS at the pool, and there WAS a grown-up there who confirmed that the party WAS in fact going to be there the entire time!)