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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolving the "Plan"

Goals are hard for me.

I don't like feeling like I have to do something, not doing it, and then feeling like I failed when it was all my own idea in the first place.

So, no.. I don't usually make resolutions.

However, I feel it is important to strive to be a better person. And to do that, you need to make goals- have a direction. People need hurdles to overcome, mountains to climb. They need to stretch their minds and bodies, to be constantly bettering themselves. It is what makes us happy in the long run.

Today I am thinking about stretching myself and what that entails. The long and short of it means making goals.  But since I don't like the word "goals", I will call them "plans". So, this year, some "plans" I have made for myself include:

* Taking off more pounds (lost 25 so far... well, if you don't count the 2 gained back over Christmas! Grrrrrr...) - I feel this plan is attainable because it's working so far, and I feel great. (and I started BEFORE the new year, so it isn't a new year resolution doomed to fail! It was something I was already doing!)

* Updating my house room-by-room. - I will start with the things I KNOW I can do: paint, sand, de-clutter. Then make a list with my hubby of the things we need to contract out, and set deadlines. We can do this!

* Putting my apron business on hold. This is a hard decision because I love it, and have some big plans for it, but it is holding me back from finishing this house. I can't have my feet in two different places, so I need to step back from the aprons for a while. There. I said it. It's done.

* I "plan" to not try to control the things I can't control. Heavenly Father is in charge and He will do what He will do. I plan to be more accepting of what life throws at me.

*I "plan" to make weekly menus so I can better stick to our budget. This budget is part of the bigger "plan" and if I keep that "plan" in mind, I can do this!

Ok. I am starting to get overwhelmed. So, time to back off. Baby steps! My plan for today, however, is to eventually get dressed, and finish the laundry. Oh, and take the living room Christmas tree down. I feel these plans are do-able. (Almost!) hee hee


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Very good plans! I especially like the controlling only what you can control, I am the worst at that.