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Monday, October 17, 2011

Chocolate cake makes anything go down easier!

Wow! What a day we had yesterday!
My husband was put into the bishopric as the second counselor in church yesterday. I sat there in amazement at the incredible bishop we had, and thinking how grateful I was to have such a sweet, kind-hearted bishop. Then the new bishopric gets put in and I felt ovewhelmed with love for each of them and thinking how YOUNG they all looked! I got choked up as the new bishop spoke about following and acting on the promptings of the Spirit, and letting it take you where you need to be. He talked about how they wanted to move many times but it didn't feel right. That one really spoke to me, for sure!

So it looks like I'll be seeing a lot less of my hubby for a while! My relief society president told me it was good because there'd be fewer chances to not get along! She is so cute!

Today I am grateful for family support, church members with kind words of encouragement, and chocolate cake from Costco which I had no reservations about having two slices of yesterday.

Now on to the treadmill to work off that cake! Here's to a new week, and a new adventure!


Rebecca said...

Costco chocolate cake is THE perfect comfort food!

You are an amazing woman Erin... I love to read your blog-- thoughtful, funny, and encouraging!


Jess said...

He'll be so good! Who's the new bishop?