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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some help for the hopeless...

Last night I was browsing the internet at all the self help books there are out there. Man! There are books about how to overcome the loss of a loved one, how to find love, how to get your ex back, how to leave your spouse, how to find a spouse, how to find multiple spouses! There are books about finding your inner self, becoming one with nature, speaking to your "goddess"...whatever that is. And there is even a self-help book about finding the right self-help book.

Why was I looking at these books? Well, what else is there to do late at night when you can't sleep? Maybe I should have been looking for a book on how to fall asleep! But, it made me think. Yes, I have issues. But, apparently we ALL have issues, or these books wouldn't be needed, right?

I think we all judge eachother way too much based on our observances of eachother's outward appearances. We see women at church who appear to have it all together: perfect hair, makeup, fat to muscle ratio, wardrobe, children... you name it! Of course we are all trying to put on an outward appearance that things are great, right? We don't leave the house without making sure that last hair is in place, or that we don't have anything in our teeth.  We women use wrinkle creams to appear younger, we get our hair done to appear that we take care of ourselves, we don't scream at our kids in public because we want to appear that we are calm and in control of our children, and ourselves.

However, there is a big problem with judging ourselves based on our perceptions of other's appearances. Why? Because appearances can be deceiving! (Have we ever heard this before?) Those "perfect" people we are trying so desperately to compare ourselves to are reading self-help books on depression, or how to save a failing marriage, or how to overcome eating disorders, or a miriad of other things. Because, we are ALL messed up!!! We all need help from Heavenly Father in multiple areas of our life! Isn't this great news????

So, I should go out and write a few books myself, right? It sure seems like we all need a little help.


Jess said...

I know I need help. Write a book. I'll buy the first one!