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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Should and shouldn't....

What I *should* do here is write a lengthy blog post about what we did this summer, complete with pictures and cute little captions.

I've been thinking I should do it for a few weeks now.

But, you see, my camera with the SD card is all the way in the living room. That's like... 10 steps, at least.  And my laptop is clear over on the other side of my bed, which is a good 5 steps. That's 15 steps right there! Then I have to take the card out of the camera, insert it into the laptop, upload it all, think of a folder name to save it in, log on here and decide which pictures to put on...

Well, you see why I haven't done it yet?

Actually, I am blogging today for a very important reason.

See- I cleaned my kitchen the other day. Like... totally, spotlessly cleaned, as in scrubbed-the-toaster-and-soap-dispenser clean!

And I want to keep it that way.

So I am concentrating REALLLY hard on not messing up my clean shiny kitchen.

Except that I really *should* go out and pick all the ripe tomatoes and make salsa today before they go bad.

And if I do that my kitchen will be messy again.

And my pictures won't get posted for yet another day.

But, I had already decided this post wasn't going to be about my summer vacations.

So I guess it will be about making salsa while trying not to mess up my clean kitchen.

Or.... it should be.