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Friday, December 7, 2012

And the "BEST Mom of the Day" award goes to....

This morning I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I felt incredibly rested. What a miracle, I must have slept so soundly I woke up before the alarm clock and I feel great! 

Wait a minute....  the sun is shining and I feel rested.... and it's not a Saturday????

Ya. I forgot to set my alarm and we all slept in until 8:30!!!!

Oh, that's not the best part. I run in to wake the kid up and see he is already almost dressed, realizing himself that I had forgotten to wake up. (Yes, he's a golden child.)

I run into my room to get dressed and realize... he's going to be almost an hour late to school, and what would be the point of taking him for just a few hours. So, I though-I'll be "Awesome Mom" and ran in to tell him "Hey, you get to take the day off!"

But, then I realized he missed Wednesday for being sick and he has tests today and... well, not the best day to miss. So I ran back in and told him "Never mind! You get to go to school today!"

Well, he didn't freak out, but he wasn't happy with me. I threw my arms up and said "Hey, I dont' know what the heck I'm doing, ok? Just roll with it."

So, ya, all my mom-credibility is blown.

I love being a parent sometimes.