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Thursday, July 25, 2013

To an early grave....early.....

Hah! Finally! I've been trying to post to this blog for a few months now.... from my Kindle... and it hasn't been letting me! I've groaned and thrown my hands up in frustration, but it still wasn't letting me post. Ohhhh... I had oh so many great things to say when I thought of them. However, my mind is a sieve and I can't remember a one of them now. Now that I actually have access to my blog to write about it! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Anyway, hello! It's been a while. My son got out of school for the summer and we hit the ground running. Which was NOT my intention this summer. I thought "Oh, this summer we will soak in every day together and just BE in the moment. Do what our hearts want." Ya.... not so much! And I only have ONE child!!!! I can't imagine the frenzy that is summer for those of you with multiple minions of destruction and torment... I mean, children.

In June, my kid went on his first week-long scout camp to Bear Lake Aquatics Camp, and I was a wreck! His FIRST WHOLE WEEK AWAY FROM HOME, PEOPLE!!!!!  My husband did go up for a day and night, which put my mind at ease. He was also able to call me one night from camp to tell me he was sending me a picture of himself dangling 50 feet in the air from a rope. But the fact that he was calling me AFTER it had happened meant that he survived the ordeal, and I had no need to worry.

Last Saturday we were informed that he had another oportunity to go to ANOTHER weeklong scout camp. Imagine my joy. (gulp) This one is in the high Unitas at Camp Steiner. This one has NO cell phone service. This one gets VERY cold in the nights. THIS one they don't sleep in tents, they sleep in 3 walled structures. (Hello? Anyone else concerned about bears???) And this one has also made me a nervous wreck.

How will I manage when my son leaves on a 2 year mission? Don't know. How will I manage when he gets married and moves away? Don't know. But THIS mom is not handling a one week scout camp very well. So THIS mom is going to hunker down with a good book (Dan Brown's INFERNO, to be exact) and try to last the next day and a half before I see him again.

Incidentally, summer has only 5 weeks left before school starts. I hope to spend some of that time taking it easy and doing what my heart wants. WITH my favorite son, of course!