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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dentist...... Yuck!!!

I failed to mention one of my biggest fears of all in my last blog.... the dentist! No, it's not like a dentist killed my father or anything. It's that I can never get numb, no matter how many shots they give me..... and they never believe me that I'm not numb, so they start drilling, and tears well up in my eyes, and I clench my eyes really tight, and the dentist just says, "Oh, can you feel that?" When I say yes, they say they've already given me enough numbing agent and it should be over soon. 12 hours later my face has bruising from all the shots, I'm still numb, and in horrific pain! So, I have good reason to be afraid of the dentist!
Guess what? I have to go to the dentist today! It's just a cleaning and check-up, but I can already see the writing on the wall...... "Well, it looks like you have a cracked tooth, (I always get cracked teeth!), Well have to fix that, and those wisdom teeth! Wow! I won't touch them with a ten foot pole!" Yes, I have horrifically impacted wisdom teeth and every dentist I've seen since I was 18 has said the same thing. They don't bother me, and never have, but every dentist says....."Wow! Those are BAAAAAD! I won't touch them!" and the saga continues dentist after dentist. If I ever die in a horrible accident and they need my dental records to identify me, I'm sure the forensic pathologist will say.... "Wow! Look at those wisdom teeth!" and rule that's what killed me!

I had a dentist tell me once that I was one of the few people in the world "wired" differently. My nerves are in the wrong places, and that's why I never get numb enough. Well, whatever! Now my husband just rolls his eyes whenever I say something hurts and says, "Well, you're just wired wacky!" He thinks it's funny! Ha ha. I wasn't going to be too sympathetic when he had a root canal and came home whining about the pain. Well, guess what? He came home with a bottle of Codone for the pain and never even opened it! He wasn't even in any pain after! I was so mad, I took the codone myself! (Or at least I wanted to!)

I'm wishing I had that bottle of pain meds today! Ok, so I am just going to breathe deeply, pray, and pretend I'm at Pemberly with Colin Firth (Pride and Pejudice), and maybe I'll throw in Matt Damon for good luck...... Ok, and Merritt! (He at least makes me laugh when he's not laughing at me!)
Wish me luck!!!!