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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First Blog..... It's About Time!!!!!

Ok, I spend time reading other people's blogs, I figured it's about time I get my own! Yeah!!!! (There was much applause and cheering!) I mean, why watch what the rest of the world is doing? Why not jump in and do something myself? Well, today is that day, my friends! This is a new year, and I am a new Erin. (Ok, so the "new year" technically started almost an entire month ago, but who says new years resolutions have to begin on January 1st? I mean, most resolutions made on the first are pretty much forgotten by the end of the month anyway, right? So I am just up-ing my chances for success by starting after everyone else has already failed!)

I just want you all to know that I really and truely AM trying to change myself, in small ways, of course. I have an intense fear of phone calls, (both making and receiving), church callings, singing in small cramped rooms with people who are only a few feet away, and finding hidden onions in my fast food! So, I have decided to try to conquer my fears. I am going to make a phone call today to the lady I am supposed to Visit for church! I am even going to make a phone call to the dentist and try to dispute this outrageous bill!!! I don't think I will call anyone else, though. I wouldn't want to push it on the first day, ya know!

I am also starting my own business! This, actually, is less frightening to me than making phone calls. It will require me to sew, which I am not afraid of. Putting my product out there for the world to mock and scorn is a little daunting, however. But, I am trying not to think about that part of it right now. Merritt is super supportive of me in this venture, and he believes I will succeed, so that really helps. (Of course, when we were first married, he said he was waiting for me to start my own business to make us our millions. So I think he's been waiting and hoping for quite some time now!) I will let you know further details about my business as I get further along, and I need to get a web site. But, I am excited about taking this new road. I feel like I am ready for it! (I just hope I don't have to make many phone calls! hee hee)

Well, I'd better go live in the real world now and make those phone calls! (big deep breath......) Thanks for helping make this my first successful blog!!!!!


Shan said...

So glad you have a blog! I thought I was the only one with a fear of making phone calls. Glad I am not the only one! :)