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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You mean, Santa is the UPS guy???

Yes. Christmas was ruined this year by the UPS guy.
I'm sure he didn't mean to, it wasn't really his fault.
In fact, he was probably mortified when my son opened the door last night when he rang the bell.
You see, the UPS man was delivering a very large box. A box intended for my son's main Christmas present.
The one we were going to send him on a scavenger hunt to find, and it would be all set up in the family room, ready to play.
The Guitar Hero complete band set.
Well, the problem with this particular delivery was that... well... the box it came in had "Guitar Hero Complete Band Set" plastered all over it, with pictures and flames and... well... it was pretty obvious.
My son came running downstairs crying.
"Mom... I feel so horrible. I just found out what I'm getting for Christmas!!!!" (Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!)
I didn't believe him. How could he be correct? Who sends the actual packaging right through the mail without putting it in a separate plain brown box? Who does that? NO ONE!!!!
Except the moron I ordered the gift from on Ebay. Ya... HE sends the regular box.... just as it is... with an address sticker slapped on the front. I'm surprised the postal guy could even find it! So I guess it's really the Ebay guy's fault.
This was the gift I had told my son to write a letter to Santa for.
The letter he hadn't gotten around to writing yet.
I don't know if he's put two and two together yet, but he's a pretty smart kid. It won't be long.

Thanks EBAY guy.... for ruining Christmas!!!!!!!!! (I think the Ebay guy needs a wife. A woman would never have sent the box that way... at Christmas time... as it was clearly intended as a gift! A WOMAN would never have dashed a poor 9 year old's dillusions of jolly fat men in red suits breaking into people's homes to spread a little good cheer and eat cookies!!!!)

I'm just a little angry. Can you tell?


Heidi said...

AGGGHHHHH!!!! Oh Erin... that makes me so sad!!! I hope like heck you can work something out to make it not ruined... :(

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Ohhhh so frustrating! I'm sorry!! There has to be a way to do damage control...

Whitnie said...

That is so sad! Last year a guy in our ward decided to tell the whole sacrament audience in his talk "that's how I found out Santa isn't real..." The whole place went silent. Gary and I looked at Sofi to see that she didn't hear a thing. It ruined it for a lot of kids though! His wife made him come to RS and appologize!