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Friday, April 15, 2011

I wanna be the hot grandma!

Yesterday I saw a cute little old lady walking her two dogs. She must have been in her 80's. She was just taking cute little tiny steps as her two little black poodles scampered next to her. She had on cute little work-out pants. She had her cute little sun visor shading her eyes. She had on her toning shoes.

Wait... what? Toning shoes?

I began thinking of a saggy, wrinkly 80-something butt. Would toning shoes really help? And when I'm 80-ish will I really care if my caboose is toned?  I don't know... maybe.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this lady still takes good care of herself, which probably makes her happier. And look great from behind!

So, maybe I will care after all when I'm that old. I came home, strapped on my toning shoes, and set that mental picture in my mind of how I want to look, as I'm working out.  (You know, that mental picture you have of skinny legs, no jiggling... the- workout- will- be- all- worth- it- because- it'll -make- me- look- like- that  mental picture?) Except, my mental picture changed. I am now speed-walking 2 miles a day to look like that cute little old lady with the great butt!

Ok, maybe not. But it's not a bad thing to shoot for after all. It's like the really big picture- the one WAAAAY down the road. And it's good to have the future in mind, right. I wanna be the HOT grandma!


Nanna said...

Kind'a like me? :)