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Friday, April 1, 2011

No picnic in the park for me...

Yesterday I was busy grouting my kitchen tile backsplash. You know how, when you look at yourself in the mirror for a really long time your face starts to look distorted and strange? (Oh come on, you know you did it when you were little!) Well, that's what happens when you are stuck in the house all week long doing home improvement projects- everything starts to look distorted and wrong!

So, I made myself leave the house yesterday and I took a sandwich to the park.

There were cute little pregnant women strolling their little 2 year olds around the park. There were husbands and wives swinging their little toddlers over their shoulders, feeding the ducks, throwing rocks in the water.

I remember doing that with my little guy way back when. (He's 10 now... it was a long time ago!)

I never imagined it would be so hard to get another one.

I ended up leaving the park in tears because I was so upset.

But then, something wonderful happened. My son came home and asked me to go on a bike ride with him. We pumped up his tires, fixed his helmet, adjusted the height of his seat, pumped up my tires, and we were off. It was a gorgeous day, and the cool breeze felt wonderful on my face. IT blew all my tears and frustrations away. I had a fantastic conversation with my little man, and was reminded of how blessed I am to have the son that I have.

I came home grateful rather than feeling sorry for myself. I wrote in my journal last night about my day so I could have it to look back on when I have another pity party for myself.

Thanks to Heavenly Father for giving me the gift of my wonderful little buddy! And for the sunshine yesterday so we could enjoy eachother in it!!! (And for my new pink bike which I love and adore!)


Lauren said...

That is a rather awesome looking bike.

Jess said...

I think that is the secret to life. Searching for the positive. You don't have to search long with your sweet "little" guy!