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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Married to Superman

Last night I dreamed of Superman. Yes, blue tights, red cape and all. I was a student in college, just sitting outside a building studying. Suddenly, my eyes were drawn up from my books at the sight of bright red boots, tight fitting blue spandex over unrealistically muscular legs, and a flapping red cape descended from above me and landed next to me, with token hands on hips.

Of course I was amazed, stunned, name it! Superman! Was sitting right next to me! He spoke to me, and I have no memory of what he said because I was so gobsmacked by the whole experience. He said something about wanting to take me out, but that he'd be right back because at that moment someone needed his help. And just like that, he was gone.

My dream ended before he returned, sadly. I awoke smiling and trying to get back to sleep so I could find out what Superman wanted with me. As I was thinking about my dream I remembered as a 10 year old girl how much I adored Superman. I mean THE Superman- Christopher Reeve. I loved him soooo much I was quite sure it was possible for me to marry him someday. Once, my dad too me to a wax museum in California, and there was a statue of Superman. I had to pose for a picture next to him, my frizzy perm and all. But I was in love.

Thinking about my dream I began thinking of my sweet husband. We celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss in October, and for the most part, it really HAS been wedded bliss. We are the best of friends. He just "gets" me like no one else. He laughs at most of my lame jokes. He knows exactly what to tell me when I am feeling low. He knows just when to step in and offer to bring dinner home. He is my real-life super hero.

Last night I was tending my 4 neices and nephews. I was in the middle of trying to make dinner in my tiny kitchen with the table pulled out to the middle of the room so everyone could fit around it. In one arm was my little niece- who was crying because she was afraid of my husband who had just walked in the door, while my other arm was frantically trying to fix hot dogs for everyone, chicken quesadillas for the grown-ups, and pulling french fries out of the oven before they burned, all while searching for an inch or two of empty counterspace to put the hot pan.

My sweet husband, knowing my niece who was screaming in my arms because she was deathly afraid of my husband, graceously offered to take her and try to read to her so I could finish fixing dinner. He patiently read her pop-up books in the living room while she screamed constantly in his ears for about 20 minutes until dinner was ready. He didn't come in frustratedly thrusting the child in my arms again saying "she's all yours". No, he was the picture of calm and my own personal heaven-sent angel!

Then, after all the kids left, I informed him our son had been planning a "mommy slumber party" for months and we had put it on the calender for that night. That meant mommy would be sleeping in the guest bed with the kid- away from the husband. (Because three in the bed is just a recipe for a horrible night's sleep! I know- we've done it before.) He just smiled and offered for all of us to watch a movie before bed. He even went out into a snowstorm to get me some diet Pepsi and chocolate, because I NEEDED it! It reminded me of when he left in the middle of the night on our wedding night to get me some cold medicine because I had a horrible sore throat.

I realized then on my wedding night, and again last night, that I indeed have married Superman. He doesn't need any blue tights or shiny red boots. He doesn't need to fly with his fist extended forward and one hand on his hip. He works hard, and treats me like a princess. I couldn't ask for anyone more suited for me.

So, after I couldn't get back to sleep this morning to dream about Superman, I realized, all I had to do was wake up. I had Superman in my very own house! I love you, Sweetie!