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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hidden camera?

I watched a little movie on Youtube today about funny stuff Mormon Moms say. Over to the right were several other clips having to do with "Mormons". One of them said "secret video of a Mormon sacrament meeting with smuggled in camera." It caught my attention, so I watched.
Aside from the whole thing being a video of the back of the person's head in front of the camera, and not one shot of the actual podium where the speakers were, you could barely hear what was going on at all.
Do you know what I thought?
Well, I just wanted to laugh, for one thing. Seriously? "Smuggled in camera"? Then I had to laugh because I got thinking of how boring the speaker sounded in this "secret" footage. You know- the times when you are just sitting there looking at the clock hoping the meeting ends soon? Yes, you know those times because everybody has them!!!! (Don't pretend you don't!) And the kids in the congregation just can't sit still and be quiet, and the man a few rows back is snoring as loudly as an engine, and the Bishop is falling asleep on the stand, and the little kid behind you is running his little truck back and forth across your seat back...

Well, I want to say the the world: Go ahead! Come! See for yourself without having to smuggle in a camera. There's nothing "secret" about it. This is a place where families come to learn of the Saviour. Trucks, noisy kids, smashed cherios and all. We are a bunch of imperfect people trying to be better. So come! And leave your camera phones at home!

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The Parkin Family said...

Oh my heck, I watched the same video the other day of Mormon Moms and then saw that "hidden" camera one. I thought that was funny too!