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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My thoughts on being a Mormon...

I've read a LOT in the news recently about what the "Mormons" are all about- good and bad. I guess I'm glad the world is learning more about us "Mormons"- or more correctly named members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There have been many articles and interviews, books written, by people who "were once Mormon, but have since left the church". Obviously these people will have a slanted view against this religion. But I want to add my voice as one who is FOR this religion, as an active member, and one who hopes others will see the "Big Picture" as the positive fruits of the members who belong to and love this church.

So, here is what I have learned while being a "Mormon":

1) Belief in, and love of my Savior, Jesus Christ, of the old and New Testaments. I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ, the literal Son of God, who taught people how to serve and love others; who died on the cross and was resurrected 3 days later; and who appeared to the people in the Americas after his resurrection as is accounted in The Book of Mormon; another testament of Jesus Christ.

2)Service: I learn in church to serve others. To take food to the sick and needy, to help those who cannot do for themselves, to love and serve all without judgement. (It doesn't mean I am perfect at these things, but this is what I am taught each week in church, and I try my best to do them.)

3)To treat my neighbors and everyone I meet with respect and love. This includes those not of my faith. (Most of my son's friends in our neighborhood are NOT members of my church, and I view them as no better or worse than anyone else in my church. Period.) And I am TAUGHT to do this in church! (I am not, nor have I EVER been, taught to treat non-members any differently. Any non-members who have been treated poorly by other members of this church must understand this. Those people were acting of their OWN accord, and NOT according to the way they are taught in church.)

4)Family is IMPORTANT!!! I am taught in my church that family is central to God's plan for our happiness and progression. I do not work outside of the home because I have chosen to focus on making sure my home is a happy place where my husband can come after a hard day at work to feel love and peace, and where my son knows his mommy will always be when he needs me. I am free to be home when he is sick, I am here when he has friends over, my home is my job. I don't always "love" it,and it isn't glamorous or well-paying by any means, but I know what I am doing is important, and worth it! And I know that many mothers outside of my religion feel the same way about their families. It isn't just a Mormon thing.

5)God loves us today just as much as he did people in the days of the Bible. Therefore, why would he NOT give us modern guidance and direction during these incredibly difficult times? We have a prophet who receives revelation from Heavenly Father that helps us today. The things he counsels us to do are good, wise, and helpful. I have NEVER been unhappy in my life when I have heeded the prophet's counsel.

6) Sexual purity is IMPORTANT! It really DOES matter when and with whom you choose to engage in this deep kind of intimacy. Sharing the most intimate part of yourself should be just as God has commanded it: between HUSBAND and WIFE- and none else! No one has ever regretted saving that part of themselves for after marriage. And adversely, who ever has regretted sharing that part of themselves with someone they were not married to? That question is easily answered! Too many to count!

Well, I could go on and on, but I've said enough for today. I am a Mormon. This is what I am taught in my church. This is who I am.