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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Summer Vacations part 3: Summer hikes and various other things

We really tried to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer this year. We took a few hikes up near Silver Lake and Twin Lakes, by Brighton Ski Resort.

IT was very hot in the valley, but so perfectly cool at Silver Lake.

We saw a fox about 10 feet from the walkway. It was so cute, and not the least bit scared.

This was on our hike up to Twin Lakes (on a separate occasion.) Looking down on Silver Lake.

 My son took this shot of my hubby and I kissing in the sunlight. Kind of romantic!

 Did I marry the right guy or what? And there's no question that poser kid is my child!

Perfect, perfect weather at Twin Lakes. And what a great shot, huh? It seems I can get some great pictures if I'm not actually holding the camera.

I took my son and some friends from school to play at Trafalga fun center and this is them climbing the rock wall. I would never be caught doing that!

We also had a fun extended family camping trip at Spruces campground. These are all the cousins. It was rainy, but they still had lots of fun!

                                                        My son being goofy, as always!

We got some tickets to go see the Gipsy Kings at Red Butte Gardens. What a fun concert! We got up and danced and danced and danced. My son thought we were crazy at first, but he soon joined in and had a blast! (Don't be fooled by the picture. They really are having fun!)

My mom and Step-Dad invited us to go camping at Hyrum State Park with them in their new trailer. It was such a fun time. This is the kid getting his dirty feet washed in the sink.

In the water at Hyrum State Park. It was a gorgeous day, and he got to fish with his grandpa a lot. We had fresh fish more than once on that 3 day trip!