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Friday, January 11, 2013

Stuck in my head....

Holy Loads of Snow, Batman!

I got up at 7:00 AM this morning to shovel snow so my son could get out to his ride and so my husband could drive his car. (He's been sick so I didn't want him shoveling anything today. Wow. What a great wife I am. Too bad he never reads this blog!)

When I saw how much snow there was- over a foot where we live- and how much sidewalk I had yet to shovel- we live on a corner- and how little snow I could get with each shovelfull, I thought I'd better think of a song to sing to make the work go faster. (After all, I'm always telling my son to sing a happy song while he does his chores. "It makes it so much more fun!" Ya, I know- one of those made-up-parent kind of sayings. I figured I'd better practice what I preach lest I be labled a hypocrite.)

A hymn popped into my head. I don't usually think of hymns, but today I did, and it was a beauty:

Does the journey seem long-
The path rugged and steep-
(And here's where I got very creative in my song-thinking-capabilities... hold on to your seats...)
Are there piles of snow in your way?

Does the load heavy seem-
You are called now to (something....)
Is there no one your burden to share?

Just then, my son popped his head out of the front door, and with his red boots on, he came out to help me shovel! He even let me have the good shovel!

2 hours of shoveling later, I am sitting here in my warm house with a heating pad on my back because the very last shovel full I bent down to scrape up some ice and twinged my back a bit.

But, school was cancelled for my son, the walks are all clear... for a few hours anyway... and I have hot chocolate in my tummy. And a hymn stuck in my head for the next several hours. Yay!



Christian said...

Can we rent your son for some houseworok for a few years? We promise to return him in time for his mission.