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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Student Has Become The Master....

In some recent discussions with my son, he has imparted his wisdom about the fairer sex that astounds me for someone of only 12 years. The following are thoughts he told me about his views on women and how we think:

1) You should NEVER mention a woman's age or weight, there are too many ways it can go wrong.
           When I mentioned to him that it would be ok if you told a woman she looked young, or thin, he said, "No mom, what if she doesn't want to look thin, or has been trying to put on weight because she's too thin. Or what if you tell her she looks young and she is sick and tired of people thinking she is younger than she is? No, you should just avoid these topics."  He's got me there!

2)  When a girl is crying and you ask her what's wrong and she tells you "nothing", you should assume something is wrong but that she just wants someone to listen to her, not give her advice. Even if you think what she is crying about is really stupid, she obviously thinks it's a big deal and you should just say "I understand" and give her a hug.  (He probably gets this from dealing with me... about once a month.)

3) If a girl is angry, she doesn't WANT you to make her happy.Just give her some time to cool off, and then tell her you're sorry- even if you're not. (This will get him FAR with the ladies.)

4) Women like to be right. You should just let them be right. It's not worth trying to prove them wrong.

5) Girls expect you to just "know" what they want from you. You have to really pay attention so you don't have to guess. You may need to take notes.

6) If a girl is upset, and maybe yelling at you, if you lower your voice and speak calmly, they usually calm down too. Unless they're angry, then you need to go away.

7) Women like getting flowers. You should get them flowers whenever you have enough money. Even if it isn't Valentine's Day or their birthday. (He told me when he starts earning money regularly he is going to buy me flowers. Now who can resist that?!)

Well, I'm sure there will be many more discussions about girls in the future. (gulp!) And I am certain he will glean even more wisdom through his experiences with women and girls. The kid could write a book right now, as far as I'm concerned! He really seems to have us figured out!