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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a deadly job, but someone's gotta do it...

Stay At Home Mom: (Noun, Action Verb) A women who puts herself in harm's way on a daily basis to provide for her family and take care of her home.

Today's mishaps:

*Dropped heavy mixing blade on my foot. It hurt!

*Spilled hot melted wax all over myself and the living room floor and book case, and video camera.

*Burned thumb on cookie sheet while taking it out of the oven.

*Stabbed myself in the eye with my toothbrush while brushing my teeth.

*Sucked up the lace of my shoe while vacuuming.

*Fell over while trying to free my lace from the vacuum.

*Vacuum fell onto me after I fell over trying to free my lace from the vacuum.

*Fell over while reaching for something behind me in my sewing room.

*Smashed finger under sewing machine foot. Ouch!

*Car door slammed closed on my ankle. &%$@/!

All of this in just ONE day.... I think I'd better wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay in bed!