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Monday, April 29, 2013

Still the same dumb blonde....

It's funny how you change as you get older, but somehow some things never change.

Last night I was talking with my hubby before we fell asleep.

He said to me, "You know... when you first meet people, you act completely different to them than you do when people get to know you better."

me: "Oh yeah? Like how?"  (I'm thinking, I seem more professional, or maybe more formal. In high school I definitely came across as very ditzy and even shallow, which I wasn't!  I've definitely tried harder to come across more cool, calm and collected- more formal over the years. Ya, more formal, with a touch of classy educated socialite mixed in. I'm sure that's it.)

him: "Well... now don't take this the wrong way...." (which of course means, take this the wrong way!) "But... well, you kind of come across as.... ditzy."

me: "What?! No I don't! I try very hard not to be ditzy!" (even though, I must admit, I am a bit ditzy, but not dumb ditzy, SMART ditzy.)

him: "Well... maybe ditzy isn't the right word. More like.... shallow."

me: "What?!"

him: "Well... once they get to know you better people know you aren't shallow. It's just... your first impression... that's all."

me: "Mmmmm Hmmm.... so.... shallow.... huh? And ditzy."

Well... so much for working to change for 20 years!