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Friday, June 6, 2008

"It wasn't me... it was the one armed man!"

Yesterday, my sweet hubby's car was hit and run. I can't believe the nerve of someone to hit your car and then drive away. However, I can see if maybe it was just a small scratch, or something, maybe not noticing or thinking it was very bad. I guess some people might say this wasn't a very bad scratch:

Then again, maybe not!

The police said they couldn't really do anything because no one got the license plate of the vehicle, although there was a witness who said it was a grey Jeep Cherokee. Our insurance said the same thing. So, we had to go all "fugative" and play detective ourselves. The other car left a piece of their back bumper lodged in our front bumper, so we had something to go by. We also found an eyelash at the scene that didn't belong to my husband. The eyelash had no mascara on it, so we figured it must have belonged to a male, (or a cross-dresser). It had traces of an eye ointment found only in the southern part of the country, used for treating a rare form of herpes of the eye, only occuring in males of half norwegian, half hindu descent. As the medical records of all employees working in the building were locked,(which we only found out after having crawled through the heating ducts of the basement to get to the records room) we had to resort to using the piece of the bumper. However, we were able to find a grey Jeep Cherokee with a piece missing that exactly fit the piece we had in our posession!

We were able to find out the owner of the vehicle, and they called later to confess. It was an eventfull night, and we may never get our car fixed because it will probably cost more to fix than we could get from it if we sold it. *sigh* However, I have offered my services to the local CSI unit if they ever need some forensic help on a case. We're pro's now, you know! I'll save this eyelash for later- you never know when you might need it!


Anonymous said...

I had someone sideswipe my car once while I was at the hospital visiting a friend who had a baby... hit my car right there in the hospital parking lot... we never found out who did it though... I coulda used your CSI skills!!! lol

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Erin, I am so glad that the person confessed. I was just sick when Merritt told me what happened. I just wish you could get a brand new shiny car because of it! :)

BugHunter said...

It's not supposed to cost you anything. The other person's insurance takes care of it, you don't even have to pay a deductible.