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Saturday, March 12, 2011

At first it was really ok... then it got worse... then really bad... then I was like... ok... then freeeeeeaaaakkkkk ooouuuuutttttt..... then aaahhhhhhhhhhh.....

Those were all the emotions I experienced while planning the Relief Society birthday dinner last night.

 I have planned I don't know how many large ward parties in my time, but it's a lot. I really don't stress about making dinner for 50-100 people. In fact, I find it rather rewarding on the whole.  However, what I do tend to stress about is the presentation of the whole affair. The decorations, the program, the entertainment. My entertainment fell through, and me singing was NOT an option! (not when I'm in charge of the activity, AND planning a Relief Society lesson the following Sunday. No Sirreee, Bob!)

However, I managed to make all the food by myself this time, (rather than have some people bring some things,) and with relatively little stress. I only began to stress when two batches of rolls baked in the oven while they were supposed to be rising, and I had to scrap them. Grrrrr.....

My son was the hero of the day, though. He helped me carry everything  to the car (and believe me, there was a LOT to carry!), carried it into the building, helped me set the tables and set out food! He rocks!

But the best part of the evening was the revelation that I, in fact, was NOT supposed to give the Relief Society lesson this Sunday after all! And good thing I started discussing it with the other teacher or this bit of vital information would not have come out and we would have had a very awkward situation come Sunday!

So, party was a success, people seemed to enjoy themselves, I had lots of help cleaning up, and got to spend today relaxing (and watching conspiracy theory shows- who knows why?)- and NOT planning a lesson!  


Shantell said...

The food was amazing and so were the decorations. You were amazing and I had a great time! I am glad you get a break tomorrow! See you then.