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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to make a 71 year old lady very happy.

First of all, happy birthday to my sweet hubby (on Saturday)! Thanks for being born!

Second of all, and more importantly, WE GOT CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING UPSTAIRS!!!!!!

I know most of you are saying, big woop, right? Well, probably most of you live in homes constructed well after WWII, whereas we live in a home constructed DURING WWII- she's 71 years old now! You  know, back when women had two dresses: an everyday chore-doin' dress, and a church-goin' dress. They had no need for closets larger than 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.  Back when kitchens either had no "ice box" or had a very small one. No dishwaswher (other than the chore-dress wearin' mom, of  course), and before they had ever even considered putting tile on a kitchen floor when you can have fabulous, no-wax linoleum! 

Needless to say, getting central air upstairs is a BIG DEAL around here! And with our new tile floors and dishwasher, you might as well call me the Queen of luxury living! (A queen, maybe, but one who still has to keep all her clothes in her son's closet since there is no room in her own for all her modern-day women clothes!  Luckily, men no longer wear hats to work. I just don't know where we'd put them all.  We don't own a hat rack, of course.)

We will have to wait until the weather heats up enough to even turn it on, but I go out every few hours and admire the beautiful shiny condenser unit. (My hubby is already planning on putting a locked privacy fence around it so no one gets any ideas. He is paranoid about new things. I'm surprised he didn't say "now, honey, don't get it dirty" after I got my new dishwasher installed.) But it is thanks to him that we got the AC unit at all!

Now, no more window units! I will actually be able to look out my windows in the summer! No more cardboard covering the open spaces where the window units don't fit. No more burning up at night and sweating like a pig because I can't sleep with the AC unit on. No more ceiling fans! No more achy feet and... oh, well, ok. I know it isn't a miracle worker, but I certainly won't have to stand over the air-intake vent in the hallway waiting for the basement AC to turn on so I can feel the cool breeze blowing up my dress! (Sadly, I kind of enjoyed that Marilyn Monroe moment, but I think I can still get the desired effect by standing over the heater vent! It will probably be even better!)

So, happy birthday Sweetie! Thanks for the cool air! I can't wait to have to use it! I think our 71 year old house is pretty excited too. She's shaking her aluminum siding off already!


Jen said...

YAY for central air! I think the day we got our makes the list of happiest days of my life! :)