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Monday, March 14, 2011

I couldn't stop laughing!


It was Sunday.

We woke up at our usual "late" time of 8:00, rushing to get ready for church.

"No, I don't know where your socks are....."

"Yes, I'll iron your shirt...."

"No, you are NOT bringing your Gameboy to church!"

"If you want breakfast on Sunday mornings, you're going to have to fix it yourself...."

You know... the usual lilting strains of love floating through our home.

Anyway, we managed to get everyone out the door at 9:00... which is "on time" for us.  Oh, except that just as I was about to leave, I realized I had forgotten to put on my mascara and quickly ran in to do that. Of course, I totally stabbed my eye with the mascara wand- like, really badly. I ran into the bathroom and rinsed out my eye, pouring eyedrops into it to stop the burning. Man, it hurt!

Finally, I realized I was going to live and keep my eye, I ran out to the car and headed off to church. We walked in quickly, grabbed a program, heard the opening hymn still being sung and rushed into the chapel to be seated before the song ended and the prayer began. We sat down just as the song ended.

"Whew!" I though. "Just in time! Thank Heaven!"

The prayer was said and I thanked Heavenly Father for helping us to get there in time for the Sacrament, and for the beautifully sunshiney day. ( And to please make my eye stop hurting!)

Suddenly, as soon as the prayer was finished, people started getting up! What? Why is everyone getting up? Is church shortened today? Is there a baby blessing?

I glanced up at the clock. 10:00!!!! What? We weren't that late.......

then it hit me.  Daylight Savings time!!!!! I had absolutely NO idea we were supposed to change our clocks forward! That is the first time in my whole life I have not known it was daylight savings time!

People came up to us and were laughing so hard. We were laughing too. It was pretty dang funny!!!!!

It kept me laughing all day long, actually.  Thank Heaven for a good sense of humor. I'm glad we could provide the comic relief for the ward yesterday.

You're all welcome!


Lauren said...

I remember you telling me about a guy in one of your classes that kept coming to class late for three or four days in a row, and only then realized it had been Daylight Saving time. I'm glad you were able to figure it out sooner than that! :D

Jen said...

Your story was the first thing out of Seth's mouth when he got home from church. Thanks for keeping us laughing!

Whitnie said...

That is THE best!!! Gary and I are both laughing! I think it beats my "All the Single Ladies" phone alarm going off in sacrament!