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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Following those promptings...

I am trying to better myself. I know, it's a big job.

I know I can't change everything wrong all at once, (there's a lot!) but I can start little by little.

I am starting by trying to heed those "little" promptings that come. You know, the little thoughts that tell you to do something and you don't understand why.

Well, yesterday I saw a neighbor outside. She was smoking and looked so sad and depressed. My first thougth was, oh, more drama. But then I had a stronger thought that I should go talk to her. Honestly, I didn't want to. She was smoking and I abhor second hand smoke. But there that thought was and I had promised to not ignore it when it came.

I went over to her and asked if she was ok. She proceeded to tell me her brother had just passed away unexpectedly and she was having a hard time dealing with it. I offered words of comfort and support, the best I could. I've never lost someone so close to me like that so how can I know what it's like? But I said what I felt right and left.
Today I found a very sweet card in my mailbox from her and it warmed my heart.

Again, today at church we were handed notecards with someone's name on it in the Relief Society. We were supposed to write down what we would tell that person if we were talking to them about how much Heavenly Father loves them. I got a lady I don't know really well, but I've been acquainted with her for 10 years and really admire her. I proceeded to write my thoughts down on the paper. I knew we were not intended to give the note to the person, it was just a personal exercise, but I felt prompted to give my note to her. I was nervous. I didn't want to. Why would I hand a random note to someone like that- "Here, I wrote this note in Relief Society for you".  But, I promised I would act on those promptings so I sought her out and handed her the note.

I don't know if she needed to hear what I had to say, but I hope it helped her feel good. It was good for me to look outside myself and try to serve others around me. I will make an extra effort this week to do more of this. It's gotta be good, right?


Lauren said...

See, you are a good person! I keep trying to tell you that. I want to be just like you someday.

The Parkin Family said...

What a great thing to improve upon! It takes guts to do that!

Jess said...

You've inspired me! I need to work on this too. Thanks for sharing.