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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where have I been???

I've been:

Splashing at Bear Lake
Hiking Bridal Veil Falls
Strolling around Cascade Springs
Exploring the zoo... twice
Sliding at Seven Peaks
Screaming at Lagoon
Lounging in my back yard
Riding my bike
Playing with nieces and nephews
Watching movies with my hubby and son

And there are still 26 more days left to enjoy before the kid goes back to school!!!!

I plan to:
Feel the burn on several more hikes
Play on a vacation
Enjoy my sister's baby some more
Splash at the aquarium
Slide some more at Seven Peaks
Make at least ONE s'more
Swim at the pool
Explore the copper mines
Enjoy my backyard

And.... harvest a fresh tomato!!!!

So, you may not hear from me much until I'm satisfied I've accomplished all I set out to do this summer!

See ya soon!!!!


Lauren said...

I've been making microwave s'mores all Summer long! I have to admit, they are not quite as good without some ash in them.