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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This post has not titled because it's pretty boring... for a post about being totally busy, that is.

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy around here. I can tell because my laundry basket is overflowing, which means I haven't had ANY time to do laundry. (Which also means I don't have any clean clothes to wear.)

My two cute nieces came to play for the weekend and we had a great time swimming and playing. I love them!!!!

Then my other cute niece came to stay for the whole week.... we had a great time going to Seven Peaks and the movies.  (By the way, I would rather stick toothpicks in my eye than see "Rango" ever again. Just so you know!)

Then we went to my mom's and my in-laws and to a baby blessing and at lots of yummy food.

Then we celebrated the 4th by going to Seven Peaks again, watching a movie, lighting fireworks and watching all the cool new legal aerial fireworks all the neighbors bought.

And today I worked for 3 hours in the yard weeding the gardens. Eck!

So, now I'm totally broke (financially as well as emotionally and physically) and now I need to take my kid to swimming lessons. I thought summer was time to be lazy and bored. Maybe that's just when you're a kid.