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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fond Farewell...

Last night was the 3rd and final showing of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.  Yes, me, my husband/ LOTR fanatic, (although I don't know how he can really call himself that since has has YET to read the book! Hello... even I've read it!!!!  Ok... maybe I skimmed it... mostly.) my son, and even my 10 year old niece  all attended.  Here is what I learned:

1) There is something physically WRONG with those LOTR addicts. Something in their brains makes it impossible for them to navigate stairs. 3 nights of movies, same set of stairs every time, same people tripping up the SAME stairs... every single time!!!!  I even mentioned it to my husband afterword. "Isn't it strange how so many people had such a hard time on those stairs? IT's bizarre!" To which he replied: "Oh, I totally know what you mean. I tripped up those stairs several times, too!"  ( hmmm... shoulda known he'd  have trouble... LOTR fanatic!)

2) All the dads who thought it would be cool to bring their little 7 or 8 year old son to the movie were sooo excited at the beginning. And soooo tired of all the questions by the end! There were like 3 dads around me all saying "Sssshhhh..... just watch. I'll explain it to you later!"  Pretty funny, actually!

3) Not all LOTR geeks are guys.  Hello.... 5 girls showed up all dressed like Elf wanna-be's. And they looked ridiculous... until their boyfriends walked in wearing capes as well...(sparkley ones, even) and they looked more ridiculous!  And they ALL looked absolutely obsured as they tried to go up the stairs in those long flowing dresses and capes... tripping themselves and eachother!!!! That was my favorite part!  Hello People.... LOTR fans +  stairs + long costumes= disaster!  There should have been a sign posted at the entrance to the theater: CAUTION: THERE ARE STAIRS IN THIS AUDITORIUM. PLEASE, REFRAIN FROM WEARING YOUR CAPES.

4) 3 nights at the movies with my sweet little family is priceless!  I enjoyed "geeking out" with you all... and enjoyed watching the geeks even more!  Goodbye all you freaks!  May you have luck emerging from your grandmother's basement to find a worthy mate who will love your elfish fantasies as much as you do! And good luck to the 4 geeks who sat behind us in every movie who are apparently going to win the next video game tournament in Vegas... whatever it is.  May you find your way to a shower sometime before then!!!