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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


School uniforms:  Like or Dislike

For me, it's a little of both. I like the ease of shopping for clothes with limited choices, but I still have to buy regular clothes for after school so it's like buying two wardrobes. Blech!

However, this year with my kiddo starting at a private school I was a little worried about the uniform policy. But I was happy to hear there is no "special" uniform (ie: ridiculously expensive ugly plaid pants with required wool jackets and ugly brown shoes). In fact, the uniform policy is pretty much the same as his last school with one exception. He can wear ANY color of shirt he wants rather than just three color choices, as long as it is a solid and has a collar!

So I have been shopping like a mad woman buying every color polo shirt under the sun. And the sad thing is my son will probably do his usual "shirt of the week" and wear just ONE shirt for the week, claiming it is perfectly clean and why make all that extra laundry. Ya, he does his own laundry, so you can see his ploy here.  (I finally had to make a 2 day shirt rule: if it's been worn for 2 days it goes in the laundry. And yes, that huge ketchup stain on the front means it has to be washed even if it's only been worn once!)

But yay for all the colors of the rainbow in choices now! I know he doesn't care as much as I do, but it makes me just a little bit happy about school clothes shopping this year.  And yes, I did get myself a new purse and some new granola-ish sandals. Hey, a mom needs a little something for herself for shopping so hard for her family, right? I thought so!