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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aaaaaannnnd......we're off!

Couldn't sleep last night. Anxiously awaiting first day of school. Nervous jitters. Fears of not remembering where the class is. Fears of forgetting to bring a sharpened pencil. Fears that traffic will be so bad he doesn't make it to school on time.

And then I told myself to just calm down and chill out!

You got it, the nervous one was me! My son was cool as a cucumber, as always. He marched right into the school like he owned the place. And when I went to give him a gushy goodbye, I'll miss you, be good and listen and don't pick your nose and don't be annoying and remember who you are hug and sloppy mommy kiss I got the quick cheek turn. Yep, he's in 5th grade now. No more mommy smooches I guess. :(

It was strange to drive away from the only school he has ever known, the one he has walked to every day for 6 years since preschool. It was strange to hear the loud speakers of the school from my kitchen window and know that my son was not one of those kids reciting the pledge of allegience.  But it was also nice having that quiet time as we drove to his new school downtown. We listened to classical music and felt the warm sunshine beating down on our face as we got on the freeway. It was nice to have a few extra minutes together to just talk before school. Usually it's rush rush rush hurry brush your teeth eat your breakfast no you don't have time to give the dog a kiss goodbye hurry run to school there's the bell goodbye I love you!  So I think I might like this new arrangement.

So, a new school year begins. I am finally calming my nerves. Part of me will miss the summer, but it is definitely good to have him back in school. Now, when do I get to pick him up again?