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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun at the Fair...

I have gone to the Utah State Fair every year of my entire life (with the exception of one, I think.)  See, I grew up about 4 blocks from the fairgrounds. Every year, usually on opening day, we'd come home from school, do our homework, and then my dad would pick us up and we'd walk to the fairgrounds.  We'd look at art, and crafts, and giant pumpkins, and I would always be afraid of the huge bulls and pooping cows. We'd squeel at the baby piggies, eat exotic foods, and stuff our faces with way too much carmel apples, cotton candy, and indian fry bread with honey butter.  I loved watching all the freaky people that come out of their dark corners of the universe to do the same thing we were doing.

Well, of course, I have continued that tradition with my son. The earlier years were mostly looking at the animals (and yes, am still afraid of the huge bulls, but not as much so;) and riding the ponies, and maybe a ferris wheel or two.  But this last trip to the fair was the best of them by far!

My son is 10 now. I made him accompany me to the home arts building and the arts and crafts building, and of course, the art building. I was prepared for eye-rolling and a lot of whining. You know what I got? "Mom, look at that! You could make that!" or "Mom, I could totally make that. Do you think we could try one day?" and "Look at that beautiful painting! Look at the use of light and shadow...".  My heart swelled within me!!!! 

We walked with our arms around eachother the whole time, ate delicious food, watched a giant cow being milked, (brought back memories of when I was a new mom...) enjoyed a hypnotist show- which I still think is all a hoax, ate slushie drinks and indian fry bread, saw a giant pumpkin almost 900 pounds, learned how bees make honey, watched two parrots mating, and had the best time ever!!!

I can't wait for next year!