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Monday, September 26, 2011

Roller coaster and merry-go-round all at once! Pass the barf bag, please!

Wow. Ever have one of those weeks that turns into two that turns into three horrible, stressful, no time for anything, weeks? Well, we're going on week three here, people. And let me tell you, I've got more gray hairs!

This morning started out with me, bright and cheerful (acting... I was only acting!) trying to wake up the kiddo for school. "Get up, Bud. Gotta get up early today so you can practice piano this morning before school!" Then I went in every 5 minutes for the next 35 minutes to remind him to get up. I finally gave up trying to get him up early enough to practice piano and just let him get up whenever. He dragged himself out of bed 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave, slowly ate his oatmeal and proceeded to fall asleep at the table. I guess he had a bad night or something.

Then, the entire 13 minute drive to school he cried, screamed, yelled, kicked, gritted his teeth, and squeezed the dickens out of my finger- mad that he had to go to school when he was tired and why did I tell him he would get used to this earlier schedule and why was I making him go to school when he was sleepy. Ya.I've been there before. Not going to take you home. Fun times.

I won't even get into the stress at home right now. Work, unfinished remodeling projects, real estate school, month-end overtime, church callings... (and we haven't even gotten to me yet!)

So I guess I just wanted to vent to someone, even if it is cyberspace and everyone else just passes this one over. Maybe it's best you do.

I am just wondering, when does the world slow down a bit so we can take a breath and get to know eachother again? Someone stop this ride so I can get off!!!!!


Shantell said...

I am feeling the same way. I kept thinking that when school started things would get better but they just intensified. Hang on! It will get better! At least that is what I am telling myself.

Christian said...

Is Mert going to real estate school? Getting a new license?