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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little devilish angel...

My little son... well... not so little anymore. He's 11 now! He woke up this morning and asked:
"Mommy... did you read the note on my t.v.?"
"No, I didn't see it."
"Well don't read it yet, k?"

He then got up and got dressed. I made his breakfast and when he came in to eat he asked if he could go outside and check on his spider. (He'd been playing with a spider all day yesterday.)

I told him he could, but that he needed to hurry. He went outside, but quickly came back in claiming he needed to "check" on something in the laundry room. Then he went back out again. I figured he was up to something, and better not scold him for dawdling before school, so I waited.

A few minutes later he came back in, put something back in the laundry room, and washed his hands, then sat down to eat.

I asked him if he would be willing to put the weeds I had pulled yesterday in the garbage after school today and he tried really hard not to laugh at that. (I now knew what he'd been doing outside.)
He said, sure, and we went out to get in the car.

"Oh, mom... would you show me what you are talking about with the weeds? I'm not sure what you want me to do."

I walked him over to the garden where there had been a huge pile of weeds, but they were all gone!

"You little stinker!" I said as he beamed from ear to ear!

"I wanted to surprise you! Did I do a good job?"

I just hugged him and told him he'd done the best job ever!

What a blessing to have a child "sneaking" around doing good deeds. IT was an early  mother's day present! I sure love that boy!