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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day: Part 2

Mother's Day: Post #2

Saturday, the day before Mother's Day, I spend madly cleaning the entire house, and then completely de-junking and hosing off the back patio, (with the help of my husband). I can honestly say I worked on my feet from 7:30 AM until 7:30 PM. Boy, was my body exhausted! 

The cleaning the house bit was just going to be de-cluttering, but ended up being a total spring-cleaning by the end. I even cleaned and polished the leather couches! So now we need to find somewhere else to live so we can keep the house spottless.

The back patio was just swept the other day, so I thought- oh, a quick hose-off and we'll be good. Again, we did way more than we bargained for. We moved all the junk out of the corners, cleaned off the freezer of death, (called thus because the dang freezer died a few years ago, and I feel like dying every time I think about trying to fix it, and it's where odd tools and things go to die because they stay there until they rot), and ended up power-washing the whole back of the house as well.

End result: A beautiful (well, as beautiful as crumbling cinderblock walls and cracked, uneven concrete can be) patio for our huge Mother's Day and Birthday Extravaganza to be held the following day.

Mother's Day morning: My hubby and son slept in. I got up to make the taco meat for the big family dinner that night. Then hubby and son got up and made me crepes for breakfast! IT was sooo cute to see my son teaching my husband how to make crepes properly! He was actually a very good tutor.

The crepes were delicious! Then I madly scurried about getting ready for church, pressing everyone's clothes, and hurriedly tying up loose ends of my lesson before hurrying of to church. My lesson went well, with huge thanks to my mom for putting together a DVD of church videos for me, and my hubby for setting up the T.V. before my lesson. He even came in and heard the whole thing!

After church was working to finish getting things ready for the party, then playing entertainer extraordinaire to the family and some friends.

I collapsed in a heap last night and don't remember actually getting ready for bed. But I woke up in my p.j.'s so I must have at some point.

Mother's day was a success, albeit not a restful one. But I am sooo glad to be a mother, and that I have the sweet memory of my son and hubby working together in the kitchen. And the crepes really were delicious!