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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mid-Day Dating Service

Yesterday I got a phone call.
"Hello. This is the Mid-Day Dating Service calling to inform you there is an interested party who wants to take you on a mid-day date."
(Of course, it was my husband's voice, but I love it when he does stuff like this!)
"Why, yes, I'd love to go on a Mid-Day date! With whom will I be going?"
"He prefers not to give his name, but goes by 'Ardent Admirer'."
"Ok, well, should I bring my son to lunch with me, or leave him home?"
"Ummmm.... maybe it's best not to mention you have a son on the first date. You want a second date, don't you?"

Ha ha ha ha ha!
My hubby surprised me with a lunch date to Spaghetti Factory. We met at the entrance, like we were really on a blind date. It was fun!

I really needed that little get-away. Last week was hard, and we've all been struggling with an irritating cold, among other stresses. I was really down on Monday, and feeling so depressed. I guess my hubby picked up on the cues and rescued me beautifully.

Then, last night after we put the kid to bed we went for a long walk around the neighborhood, hand in hand. It's nice to know that after 12 and 1/2 years we are still in love!

Thanks, Mid-Day Dating Service!