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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Losing myself in a sea of Testosterone!

I am a girly-girl. When I was little, I always wanted to do my sister's hair, but she hated it! She didn't like the fru-fru-ness of it all. I dreamed of the day I could wear make-up. I reveled in the times when I'd spend hours at the hair salon, being pampered, and coming out looking fabulous. I would always, always, ALWAYS wear a dress on the first day of school- I'd have it picked out for weeks! I had every Barbie imaginable, complete with Barbie Motor Home, Salon, Summer Home, Shoe Store,swimming pool,and miles and miles of outfits, but only one Ken to go around. (We'd play "soap opera" alot.) So, why is it that my little sister has all the girls? Life can be cruel.

My sister is now a total fashion diva. (Yes, Lauren, it's true!) She has long, gorgeous hair, has always been thin, wears totally up-to-the-minute fashion, and her girls are the cutest things imaginable! She gets her hair cut in a salon now- mine is cut in my bathroom by yours truly. Do I sound like I'm coveting and jealous? I guess it's just that I'm missing that connection to my girliness.

I'm surrounded by boys on every side! I live in a house with 5 male-types! (hubby, son, dog, bird, father). I used to do my nails every other day in college- now I only notice them when one breaks. My hair is usually pulled up into two pig-tails because I just don't see the point in doing anything more.

Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now because I've been making this totally prescious blessing dress for my niece, and wishing I had a little girl to dress in pretty things. Of course, it would be my luck to have a girl who hates to wear dresses! Wouldn't that be ironic? I'll just put my dog in something frilly and try to get some joy from that. Yes, he's a boy.


Heidi said...

You can have Reagan. I'll send her over today!

Jess said...

We need to cling to each other as I am surrounded as well. You can do my hair if you want? I know it is stupid but I wonder what I will do when the boys are old enough to go to priesthood session with Tim. I'll have sad self will sit and read a book...alone.