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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A few months ago, my sweet hubby sat down one morning and actually started doing the taxes. I think I even blogged about it. I was so amazed that he didn't put it off until the last minute! Every year, on April 13th, tensions in our home run high. Blood pressure rises and sentences get short and clipped. I was soooo happy it was going to be totally different this year!!!! Not so.....

He dabbled in them every now and then. I'll give him that. But, last night, when he got home from work, I said, "Now, you KNOW you can't have any fun tonight until taxes are DONE!" He rolled his eyes, and sat down at the computer with a moan.

It's funny how adults can quickly revert to being children when things like taxes, or college homework, or even weeding the garden come up. We start to pout, hang our head, our lower lip juts out. We start to find little things that need to be done.... cleaning lint out of the belly button, plucking frayed bristles from our tooth brush.... anything, to avoid doing the one thing that needs to be done!

I made a chocolate cake to give hubby some incentive to do the taxes. I told him he couldn't have any until the taxes were all done. Out goes the lower lip. After about an hour, I sensed he needed some major pick-me-up so I went ahead and brought in the large piece of warm cake with a cold glass of milk. Happily he consumed it, then went back to working, (with a little prompting). After a few "Merritt.... you can't watch t.v. right now..... Merritt, what are you supposed to be doing right now?.... Merritt...... your zits can wait...." All in all, I didn't have to do as much proding as I thought. Maybe this year was better!

I'm happy to say, the taxes were finally finished just before 10pm.... a record, I think. I will get them in the mail today. I did the state taxes this morning... it's the least I can do to contribute! Actually, Merritt says he wants to look over my work to make sure he understands how the state taxes work, but I know it's to make sure I did them right! I think I'll go eat a piece of cake, myself. Tax time is hard!


Heidi said...

Since Brian still had his own business last year, the accountant took care of the taxes...

But NEXT year, when there ISN'T a business and no spiffy accountant, we'll be back to our "normal" turning them in on the 15th I'm SURE!!!

I dread next year tax time... ;)